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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from datetime import datetime
from datetime import time
from datetime import timedelta
import json
from gae_libs.handlers.base_handler import BaseHandler
from gae_libs.handlers.base_handler import Permission
from libs import time_util
from model.flake.analysis.flake_try_job_data import FlakeTryJobData
from model.wf_try_job_data import WfTryJobData
def _FormatDuration(start_time, end_time):
if not start_time or not end_time:
return time_util.FormatTimedelta(end_time - start_time)
def _PrepareBuildbucketResponseForDisplay(buildbucket_response):
"""Prepares a buildbucket response for display in the template.
buildbucket_response contains json inside json, which causes problems when
pretty printing in the corresponding template file. This function reformats
internal json as a dict.
buildbucket_response: A raw buildbucket response json object.
A copy of the original buildbucket response dict, with json fields replaced
by dicts.
if buildbucket_response is None:
return None
new_response = {}
for key, value in buildbucket_response.iteritems():
if 'json' in key:
value = json.loads(value)
new_response[key] = value
return new_response
def _FormatDisplayData(try_job_data):
"""Returns information of a WfTryJobData/FlakeTryJobData as a dict."""
display_data = try_job_data.to_dict()
for attribute in ('created_time', 'start_time', 'end_time', 'request_time'):
display_data[attribute] = time_util.FormatDatetime(display_data[attribute])
display_data['pending_time'] = (_FormatDuration(try_job_data.request_time,
if try_job_data.start_time else
display_data['last_buildbucket_response'] = json.dumps(
if isinstance(try_job_data, FlakeTryJobData):
# Flake try job data does not include try_job_type.
display_data['try_job_type'] = 'flake'
display_data['analysis_key'] = (try_job_data.analysis_key.urlsafe()
if try_job_data.analysis_key else None)
# Do not include the try job key in the response.
display_data.pop('try_job_key', None)
return display_data
def _GetMidnightToday():
return datetime.combine(time_util.GetUTCNow(), time.min)
def _GetStartEndDates(start, end):
midnight_today = _GetMidnightToday()
midnight_yesterday = midnight_today - timedelta(days=1)
midnight_tomorrow = midnight_today + timedelta(days=1)
if not start and not end:
# If neither start nor end specified, get everything since yesterday.
return midnight_yesterday, midnight_tomorrow
elif not start and end:
# If only end is specified, get everything up until then.
return None, midnight_tomorrow
elif start and not end:
# If only start is specified, get everything since then.
return datetime.strptime(start, '%Y-%m-%d'), midnight_tomorrow
# Both start and end are specified, get everything in between.
return (datetime.strptime(start, '%Y-%m-%d'), datetime.strptime(
end, '%Y-%m-%d'))
def _AveragePerCommitExecutionTime(try_job_data, display_data):
if (hasattr(try_job_data, 'number_of_commits_analyzed') and
try_job_data.number_of_commits_analyzed and try_job_data.end_time and
display_data['execution_time_per_commit'] = time_util.FormatTimedelta(
(try_job_data.end_time - try_job_data.start_time) /
display_data['execution_time_per_commit'] = 'N/A'
class TryJobDashboard(BaseHandler):
def HandleGet(self):
"""Shows a list of Findit try job results and statuses in an HTML page."""
category = self.request.get('category')
start = self.request.get('start_date')
end = self.request.get('end_date')
start_date, end_date = _GetStartEndDates(start, end)
if category.lower() == 'flake':
try_job_data_list = FlakeTryJobData.query(
FlakeTryJobData.created_time >= start_date,
FlakeTryJobData.created_time < end_date).fetch()
elif category.lower() == 'waterfall':
try_job_data_list = WfTryJobData.query(
WfTryJobData.created_time >= start_date,
WfTryJobData.created_time < end_date).fetch()
wf_try_job_query = WfTryJobData.query(
WfTryJobData.created_time >= start_date,
WfTryJobData.created_time < end_date)
flake_try_job_query = FlakeTryJobData.query(
FlakeTryJobData.created_time >= start_date,
FlakeTryJobData.created_time < end_date)
try_job_data_list = wf_try_job_query.fetch() + flake_try_job_query.fetch()
# Sort try job data list by most recent first.
try_job_data_list.sort(key=lambda x: x.created_time, reverse=True)
try_jobs_in_progress = []
try_jobs_with_error = []
successfully_completed_try_jobs = []
for try_job_data in try_job_data_list:
display_data = _FormatDisplayData(try_job_data)
if not try_job_data.end_time and not try_job_data.error:
start_time = try_job_data.request_time or try_job_data.created_time
now = time_util.GetUTCNow()
display_data['elapsed_time'] = (_FormatDuration(start_time, now)
if start_time else None)
display_data['status'] = ('running'
if try_job_data.start_time else 'pending')
elif try_job_data.error:
display_data['error'] = try_job_data.error['message']
# It is possible end_time is not available if the error was timeout.
display_data['execution_time'] = _FormatDuration(
try_job_data.start_time, try_job_data.end_time)
display_data['culprit_found'] = (bool(try_job_data.culprits)
if isinstance(try_job_data,
WfTryJobData) else 'N/A')
display_data['execution_time'] = _FormatDuration(
try_job_data.start_time, try_job_data.end_time)
_AveragePerCommitExecutionTime(try_job_data, display_data)
data = {
'start_date': time_util.FormatDatetime(start_date),
'end_date': time_util.FormatDatetime(end_date),
'category': category,
'try_jobs_in_progress': try_jobs_in_progress,
'try_jobs_with_error': try_jobs_with_error,
'successfully_completed_try_jobs': successfully_completed_try_jobs
return {'template': 'try_job_dashboard.html', 'data': data}