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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import copy
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
from libs import time_util
from model.flake.detection.flake_occurrence import FlakeOccurrence
from model.flake.flake import Flake
from model.flake.flake import FlakeCountsByType
from model.flake.flake_type import FlakeType
from model.flake.flake_type import FLAKE_TYPE_WEIGHT
from services import constants
# Minimum number of distinct impacted CLs for a flake's false rejections or
# retry with patch occurrences to calculate the flake score.
# Minimum number of distinct impacted CLs for a flake to calculate the flake
# score, including occurrences of false rejection, retry with patch flakes and
# hidden flakes.
def _GetTypedFlakeCounts(flake, start_date, flake_type, counted_gerrit_cl_ids):
"""Gets the counts of a type of occurrences for a flakes within a time range.
flake(Flake): Object to be updated.
start_date(datetime): Earliest time to check.
flake_type(FlakeType): Type of the flake.
counted_gerrit_cl_ids(set): A set of gerrit cl ids that have been counted.
(FlakeCountsByType, set): A FlakeCountsByType to store the counts of a type
of the flake, and a set of counted cls.
occurrences = FlakeOccurrence.query(ancestor=flake.key).filter(
ndb.AND(FlakeOccurrence.flake_type == flake_type,
FlakeOccurrence.time_happened > start_date)).fetch()
occurrence_count = len(occurrences)
if not occurrence_count:
return None, counted_gerrit_cl_ids
# Only count the CL as being impacted if it was not counted before.
gerrit_cl_ids = set([occurrence.gerrit_cl_id for occurrence in occurrences
]) - counted_gerrit_cl_ids
counted_gerrit_cl_ids = counted_gerrit_cl_ids | gerrit_cl_ids
impacted_cl_count = len(gerrit_cl_ids)
if occurrence_count == 0:
return None, counted_gerrit_cl_ids
return FlakeCountsByType(
impacted_cl_count=impacted_cl_count), counted_gerrit_cl_ids
def _CalculateWeightedFlakeScore(flake_counts_last_week):
"""Calculates flake score by occurrences of each type and their weights.
flake_counts_last_week(list): A list of FlakeCountsByType.
flake_score_last_week = 0
for typed_counts in flake_counts_last_week:
flake_score_last_week += (
typed_counts.impacted_cl_count *
return flake_score_last_week
def _UpdateFlakeCountsAndScore(flake, start_date):
"""Gets the counts of the flake within certain time range.
flake(Flake): Object to be updated.
start_date(datetime): Earliest time to check.
flake.false_rejection_count_last_week = 0
flake.impacted_cl_count_last_week = 0
flake.flake_counts_last_week = []
flake.flake_score_last_week = 0
if flake.last_occurred_time <= start_date:
counted_gerrit_cl_ids = set([])
for flake_type in [FlakeType.CQ_FALSE_REJECTION, FlakeType.RETRY_WITH_PATCH]:
# Counts the occurrences/impacted CLs of the flake from the type with the
# highest impact to the type with the lowest impact.
# So that we don't count the same CL multiple times.
typed_counts, counted_gerrit_cl_ids = _GetTypedFlakeCounts(
flake, start_date, flake_type, counted_gerrit_cl_ids)
if not typed_counts:
# This is a workaround: we don't differentiate flakes from different types
# for now, so that we can bring back the flakes on our dashboard quickly.
# TODO(crbug/896006): Remove false_rejection_count_last_week and
# impacted_cl_count_last_week.
flake.false_rejection_count_last_week += typed_counts.occurrence_count
flake.impacted_cl_count_last_week += typed_counts.impacted_cl_count
# Store CL ids that are impacted by false rejection or retry with patch.
non_hidden_flake_gerrit_cl_ids = copy.deepcopy(counted_gerrit_cl_ids)
# Count hidden flake occurrences.
typed_counts, counted_gerrit_cl_ids = _GetTypedFlakeCounts(
flake, start_date, FlakeType.CQ_HIDDEN_FLAKE, counted_gerrit_cl_ids)
if typed_counts:
if (len(non_hidden_flake_gerrit_cl_ids) < _MIN_NON_HIDDEN_DISTINCT_CL_NUMBER
and len(counted_gerrit_cl_ids) < _MIN_TOTAL_DISTINCT_CL_NUMBER):
# If there is not enough occurrences for the flake, bail out.
flake.flake_score_last_week = _CalculateWeightedFlakeScore(
def _UpdateCountsForNewFlake(start_date):
"""Updates counts for new, re-occurred or rare flakes.
start_date(datetime): Earliest time to check.
flakes = Flake.query().filter(Flake.last_occurred_time > start_date).filter(
Flake.flake_score_last_week == 0).fetch()
for flake in flakes:
_UpdateFlakeCountsAndScore(flake, start_date)
def _UpdateCountsForOldFlake(start_date):
"""Updates counts for old flakes - flakes with score greater than 0.
a. if the flake has 1+ occurrences within the time range, updates counts.
b. if the flake didn't occurred within the time range, resets counts.
start_date(datetime): Earliest time to check.
flakes = Flake.query().filter(Flake.flake_score_last_week > 0).fetch()
for flake in flakes:
_UpdateFlakeCountsAndScore(flake, start_date)
def UpdateFlakeCounts():
"""Updates flakes periodically on statistical fields.
Currently we only have weekly counts to update. Later we may also maintain
daily or monthly counts.
start_date = time_util.GetDateDaysBeforeNow(days=constants.DAYS_IN_A_WEEK)