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  1. alert_groups/
  2. alert_groups_server/
  3. cmd/
  4. doc/
  5. histograms/
  6. output/
  7. pinpoint/
  8. pinpoint_server/
  9. pinpoint_testing/
  10. workflows/
  11. workflows_server/
  12. Makefile
  13. OWNERS

Chromeperf Services

This directory contains source code for all new services for the Chromeperf project. This will include:

  • Microservices for the Pinpoint project.
  • Microservices for the Chromeperf Dashboard.

Code for existing services for the Chromeperf project are currently hosted in the catapult repository.

Onboarding Steps

The only thing you need to do is to just run the generic bootstrapping that is needed for the Go infra directory, as noted by these other docs.

To verify that things are set up correctly, execute make from this directory:

  $ make all
  $ make test