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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package cipd
import (
// Client provides the recipe-related operations required for bootstrapping.
type Client struct {
cipdRoot string
client CipdClient
// CipdClient provides a subset of the cipd.Client interface
type CipdClient interface {
ResolveVersion(ctx context.Context, packageName, version string) (common.Pin, error)
EnsurePackages(ctx context.Context, packages common.PinSliceBySubdir, paranoia cipd.ParanoidMode, dryRun bool) (cipd.ActionMap, error)
// Enforce that the CIPD client interface is a subset of the cipd.Client
// interface.
var _ CipdClient = (cipd.Client)(nil)
// CipdClientFactory creates the client for accessing CIPD that will
// deploy packages to the directory identified by cipdRoot.
type CipdClientFactory func(ctx context.Context, cipdRoot string) (CipdClient, error)
var ctxKey = "infra/chromium/bootstrapper/recipe.CipdClientFactory"
// UseCipdClientFactory returns a context that causes new Client instances to
// use the given factory when getting the CIPD client.
func UseCipdClientFactory(ctx context.Context, factory CipdClientFactory) context.Context {
return context.WithValue(ctx, &ctxKey, factory)
// NewClient returns a new recipe client.
// If ctx is a context returned from UseCipdClientFactory, then the returned
// client will use the factory that was passed to UseCipdClientFactory to get a
// CIPD client. Otherwise, a client created using cipd.NewClient with default
// options will be used.
func NewClient(ctx context.Context, cipdRoot string) (*Client, error) {
factory, _ := ctx.Value(&ctxKey).(CipdClientFactory)
if factory == nil {
factory = func(ctx context.Context, cipdRoot string) (CipdClient, error) {
authClient, err := auth.NewAuthenticator(ctx, auth.SilentLogin, auth.Options{}).Client()
if err != nil {
return nil, errors.Annotate(err, "could not initialize auth client").Err()
return cipd.NewClient(cipd.ClientOptions{
ServiceURL: chromeinfra.CIPDServiceURL,
Root: cipdRoot,
AuthenticatedClient: authClient,
cipdClient, err := factory(ctx, cipdRoot)
if err != nil {
return nil, errors.Annotate(err, "failed to get recipe client for CIPD root: <%s>", cipdRoot).Err()
if cipdClient == nil {
panic("nil CIPD client returned from factory")
return &Client{cipdRoot, cipdClient}, nil
// DownloadPackage downloads and installs the CIPD package with the given name
// at the given version and returns the path to the deployed package.
func (c *Client) DownloadPackage(ctx context.Context, name, version string) (string, error) {
pin, err := c.client.ResolveVersion(ctx, name, version)
if err != nil {
return "", err
packages := common.PinSliceBySubdir{name: common.PinSlice{pin}}
if _, err := c.client.EnsurePackages(ctx, packages, cipd.CheckIntegrity, false); err != nil {
return "", err
return filepath.Join(c.cipdRoot, name), nil