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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package run
import (
crosfleetpb "infra/cmd/crosfleet/internal/proto"
buildbucketpb ""
luciflag ""
const (
// DefaultSwarmingPriority is the default priority for a Swarming task.
DefaultSwarmingPriority = int64(140)
// MinSwarmingPriority is the lowest-allowed priority for a Swarming task.
MinSwarmingPriority = int64(50)
// MaxSwarmingPriority is the highest-allowed priority for a Swarming task.
MaxSwarmingPriority = int64(255)
// imageArchiveBaseURL is the base url for the ChromeOS image archive.
imageArchiveBaseURL = "gs://chromeos-image-archive/"
// ctpExecuteStepName is the name of the test-execution step in any
// cros_test_platform Buildbucket build. This step is not started until
// all request-validation and setup steps are passed.
ctpExecuteStepName = "execute"
// How long build tags are allowed to be before we trigger a Swarming API
// error due to how they store tags in a datastore. Most tags shouldn't be
// anywhere close to this limit, but tags that could potentially be very
// long we should crop them to this limit.
maxSwarmingTagLength = 300
// Maximum number of CTP builds that can be run from one "crosfleet run ..."
// command.
maxCTPRunsPerCmd = 12
// testCommonFlags contains parameters common to the "run
// test", "run suite", and "run testplan" subcommands.
type testCommonFlags struct {
board string
models []string
pool string
image string
release string
qsAccount string
maxRetries int
repeats int
priority int64
timeoutMins int
addedDims map[string]string
provisionLabels map[string]string
addedTags map[string]string
keyvals map[string]string
exitEarly bool
lacrosPath string
// Registers run command-specific flags
func (c *testCommonFlags) register(f *flag.FlagSet) {
f.StringVar(&c.image, "image", "", `Optional fully specified image name to run test against, e.g. octopus-release/R89-13609.0.0.
If no value for image or release is passed, test will run against the latest green postsubmit build for the given board.`)
f.StringVar(&c.release, "release", "", `Optional ChromeOS release branch to run test against, e.g. R89-13609.0.0.
If no value for image or release is passed, test will run against the latest green postsubmit build for the given board.`)
f.StringVar(&c.board, "board", "", "Board to run tests on.")
f.Var(luciflag.StringSlice(&c.models), "model", fmt.Sprintf(`Model to run tests on; may be specified multiple times.
A maximum of %d tests may be launched per "crosfleet run" command.`, maxCTPRunsPerCmd))
f.Var(luciflag.CommaList(&c.models), "models", "Comma-separated list of models to run tests on in same format as -model.")
f.IntVar(&c.repeats, "repeats", 1, fmt.Sprintf(`Number of repeat tests to launch (per model specified).
A maximum of %d tests may be launched per "crosfleet run" command.`, maxCTPRunsPerCmd))
f.StringVar(&c.pool, "pool", "", "Device pool to run tests on.")
f.StringVar(&c.qsAccount, "qs-account", "", `Optional Quota Scheduler account to use for this task. Overrides -priority flag.
If no account is set, tests are scheduled using -priority flag.`)
f.IntVar(&c.maxRetries, "max-retries", 0, "Maximum retries allowed. No retry if set to 0.")
f.Int64Var(&c.priority, "priority", DefaultSwarmingPriority, `Swarming scheduling priority for tests, between 50 and 255 (lower values indicate higher priorities).
If a Quota Scheduler account is specified via -qs-account, this value is not used.`)
f.IntVar(&c.timeoutMins, "timeout-mins", 360, "Test run timeout.")
f.Var(flagx.KeyVals(&c.addedDims), "dim", "Additional scheduling dimension in format key=val or key:val; may be specified multiple times.")
f.Var(flagx.KeyVals(&c.addedDims), "dims", "Comma-separated additional scheduling addedDims in same format as -dim.")
f.Var(flagx.KeyVals(&c.provisionLabels), "provision-label", "Additional provisionable label in format key=val or key:val; may be specified multiple times.")
f.Var(flagx.KeyVals(&c.provisionLabels), "provision-labels", "Comma-separated additional provisionable labels in same format as -provision-label.")
f.Var(flagx.KeyVals(&c.addedTags), "tag", "Additional Swarming metadata tag in format key=val or key:val; may be specified multiple times.")
f.Var(flagx.KeyVals(&c.addedTags), "tags", "Comma-separated Swarming metadata tags in same format as -tag.")
f.Var(flagx.KeyVals(&c.keyvals), "autotest-keyval", "Autotest keyval in format key=val or key:val; may be specified multiple times.")
f.Var(flagx.KeyVals(&c.keyvals), "autotest-keyvals", "Comma-separated Autotest keyvals in same format as -keyval.")
f.BoolVar(&c.exitEarly, "exit-early", false, "Exit command as soon as test is scheduled. crosfleet will not notify on test validation failure.")
f.StringVar(&c.lacrosPath, "lacros-path", "", "Optional GCS path pointing to a lacros artifact.")
// validateAndAutocompleteFlags returns any errors after validating the CLI
// flags, and autocompletes the -image flag unless it was specified by the user.
func (c *testCommonFlags) validateAndAutocompleteFlags(ctx context.Context, f *flag.FlagSet, mainArgType, bbService string, authFlags authcli.Flags, printer common.CLIPrinter) error {
if err := c.validateArgs(f, mainArgType); err != nil {
return err
if c.release != "" {
// Users can specify the ChromeOS release branch via the -release flag,
// rather than specifying a full image name. In this case, we infer the
// full image name from the release branch.
c.image = releaseImage(c.board, c.release)
} else if c.image == "" {
// If no release or image was specified, determine the latest green
// postsubmit
// image for the given board.
latestImage, err := latestImage(ctx, c.board, bbService, authFlags)
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("error determining the latest image for board %s: %v", c.board, err)
printer.WriteTextStderr("Using latest green build image %s for board %s", latestImage, c.board)
c.image = latestImage
return nil
func (c *testCommonFlags) validateArgs(f *flag.FlagSet, mainArgType string) error {
var errors []string
if c.board == "" {
errors = append(errors, "missing board flag")
if c.pool == "" {
errors = append(errors, "missing pool flag")
if c.image != "" && c.release != "" {
errors = append(errors, "cannot specify both image and release branch")
if c.priority < MinSwarmingPriority || c.priority > MaxSwarmingPriority {
errors = append(errors, fmt.Sprintf("priority flag should be in [%d, %d]", MinSwarmingPriority, MaxSwarmingPriority))
// If no models are specified, we still schedule one test with model label
// left blank.
numUniqueDUTs := int(math.Max(1, float64(len(c.models))))
if numUniqueDUTs*c.repeats > maxCTPRunsPerCmd {
errors = append(errors, fmt.Sprintf("total number of CTP runs launched (# models specified * repeats) cannot exceed %d", maxCTPRunsPerCmd))
if f.NArg() == 0 {
errors = append(errors, fmt.Sprintf("missing %v arg", mainArgType))
if len(errors) > 0 {
return cmdlib.NewUsageError(*f, strings.Join(errors, "\n"))
return nil
// releaseImage constructs a build image name from the release builder for the
// given board and ChromeOS release branch.
func releaseImage(board, release string) string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%s-release/%s", board, release)
// latestImage gets the build image from the latest green postsubmit build for
// the given board.
func latestImage(ctx context.Context, board, bbService string, authFlags authcli.Flags) (string, error) {
postsubmitBuilder := &buildbucketpb.BuilderID{
Project: "chromeos",
Bucket: "postsubmit",
Builder: fmt.Sprintf("%s-postsubmit", board),
postsubmitBBClient, err := buildbucket.NewClient(ctx, postsubmitBuilder, bbService, authFlags)
if err != nil {
return "", err
latestGreenPostsubmit, err := postsubmitBBClient.GetLatestGreenBuild(ctx)
if err != nil {
return "", err
outputProperties := latestGreenPostsubmit.Output.Properties.GetFields()
artifacts := outputProperties["artifacts"].GetStructValue().GetFields()
image := artifacts["gs_path"].GetStringValue()
if image == "" {
buildURL := postsubmitBBClient.BuildURL(latestGreenPostsubmit.Id)
return "", fmt.Errorf("most recent postsubmit for board %s has no corresponding build image; visit postsubmit build at %s for more details", board, buildURL)
return image, nil
// buildTagsForModel combines test metadata tags with user-added tags for the
// given model.
func (c *testCommonFlags) buildTagsForModel(crosfleetTool string, model string, mainArg string) map[string]string {
tags := map[string]string{}
// Add user-added tags.
for key, val := range c.addedTags {
tags[key] = val
// Add crosfleet-tool tag.
if crosfleetTool == "" {
panic(fmt.Errorf("must provide %s tag", common.CrosfleetToolTag))
tags[common.CrosfleetToolTag] = crosfleetTool
if mainArg != "" {
// Intended for `run test` and `run suite` commands. This label takes
// the form "label-suite:SUITE_NAME" for a `run suite` command.
tags[fmt.Sprintf("label-%s", crosfleetTool)] = mainArg
// Add metadata tags.
if c.board != "" {
tags["label-board"] = c.board
if model != "" {
tags["label-model"] = model
if c.pool != "" {
tags["label-pool"] = c.pool
if c.image != "" {
tags["label-image"] = c.image
// Only surface the priority if Quota Account was unset.
// NOTE: these addedTags themselves will NOT be processed by Buildbucket or
// Swarming--they are for metadata purposes only.
// addedTags attached here will NOT be processed by CTP.
if c.qsAccount != "" {
tags["label-quota-account"] = c.qsAccount
} else if c.priority != 0 {
tags["label-priority"] = fmt.Sprint(c.priority)
return tags
// testRunLauncher contains the necessary information to launch and validate a
// CTP test plan.
type ctpRunLauncher struct {
// Tag denoting the tests or suites specified to run; left blank for custom
// test plans.
mainArgsTag string
printer common.CLIPrinter
cmdName string
bbClient *buildbucket.Client
testPlan *test_platform.Request_TestPlan
cliFlags *testCommonFlags
exitEarly bool
// launchAndOutputTests invokes the inner launchTestsAsync() function
// and handles the CLI output of the buildLaunchList JSON object, which should
// happen even in case of command failure.
func (l *ctpRunLauncher) launchAndOutputTests(ctx context.Context) error {
buildLaunchList, err := l.launchTestsAsync(ctx)
return err
// launchTestsAsync requests a run of the given CTP run launcher's
// test plan, and returns the ID of the launched cros_test_platform Buildbucket
// build. Unless the exitEarly arg is passed as true, the function waits to
// return until the build passes request-validation and setup steps.
func (l *ctpRunLauncher) launchTestsAsync(ctx context.Context) (*crosfleetpb.BuildLaunchList, error) {
buildLaunchList, scheduledAnyBuilds, schedulingErrors := l.scheduleCTPBuildsAsync(ctx)
if len(schedulingErrors) > 0 {
fullErrorMsg := fmt.Sprintf("Encountered the following errors requesting %s run(s):\n%s\n",
l.cmdName, strings.Join(schedulingErrors, "\n"))
if scheduledAnyBuilds {
// Don't fail the command if we were able to request some builds.
} else {
return buildLaunchList, fmt.Errorf(fullErrorMsg)
if l.exitEarly {
return buildLaunchList, nil
l.printer.WriteTextStderr(`Waiting to confirm %s run request validation...
(To skip this step, pass the -exit-early flag on future %s run commands)
`, l.cmdName, l.cmdName)
confirmedAnyBuilds, confirmationErrors := l.confirmCTPBuildsAsync(ctx, buildLaunchList)
if len(confirmationErrors) > 0 {
fullErrorMsg := fmt.Sprintf("Encountered the following errors confirming %s run(s):\n%s\n",
l.cmdName, strings.Join(confirmationErrors, "\n"))
if confirmedAnyBuilds {
// Don't fail the command if we were able to confirm some of the
// requested builds as having started.
} else {
return buildLaunchList, fmt.Errorf(fullErrorMsg)
return buildLaunchList, nil
// scheduleCTPBuild uses the given Buildbucket client to request a
// cros_test_platform Buildbucket build for the CTP run launcher's test plan,
// build tags, and command line flags, and returns the ID of the pending build.
func (l *ctpRunLauncher) scheduleCTPBuild(ctx context.Context, model string) (*buildbucketpb.Build, error) {
buildTags := l.cliFlags.buildTagsForModel(l.cmdName, model, l.mainArgsTag)
ctpRequest, err := l.testPlatformRequest(model, buildTags)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
buildProps := map[string]interface{}{
"requests": map[string]interface{}{
// Convert to protoreflect.ProtoMessage for easier type comparison.
"default": ctpRequest.ProtoReflect().Interface(),
// Parent cros_test_platform builds run on generic GCE bots at the default
// priority, so we pass zero values for the dimensions and priority of the
// parent build.
// buildProps contains separate dimensions and priority values to apply to
// the child test_runner builds that will be launched by the parent build.
return l.bbClient.ScheduleBuild(ctx, buildProps, nil, buildTags, 0)
// scheduleCTPBuildsAsync schedules all builds asynchronously and returns a
// build launch list, a bool indicating whether any builds were successfully
// scheduled, and a slice of scheduling error strings. Mutex locks are used to
// avoid race conditions from concurrent writes to the return variables in the
// async loop.
func (l *ctpRunLauncher) scheduleCTPBuildsAsync(ctx context.Context) (buildLaunchList *crosfleetpb.BuildLaunchList, scheduledAnyBuilds bool, schedulingErrors []string) {
buildLaunchList = &crosfleetpb.BuildLaunchList{}
waitGroup := sync.WaitGroup{}
mutex := sync.Mutex{}
allModels := l.cliFlags.models
if len(allModels) == 0 {
// If no models are specified, just launch one run with a blank model.
allModels = []string{""}
for _, model := range allModels {
for i := 0; i < l.cliFlags.repeats; i++ {
model := model
go func() {
build, err := l.scheduleCTPBuild(ctx, model)
errString := ""
if err != nil {
errString = fmt.Sprintf("Error requesting %s run for model %s: %s", l.cmdName, model, err.Error())
schedulingErrors = append(schedulingErrors, errString)
} else {
scheduledAnyBuilds = true
l.printer.WriteTextStderr("Requesting %s run at %s", l.cmdName, l.bbClient.BuildURL(build.Id))
buildLaunchList.Launches = append(buildLaunchList.Launches, &crosfleetpb.BuildLaunch{
Build: build,
BuildError: errString,
// confirmCTPBuildsAsync waits for all builds to start asynchronously, and
// updates the details for each build it confirms has started in the given build
// launch list. The function returns a bool indicating whether any builds were
// confirmed started, and a slice of confirmation error strings. Mutex locks are
// used to avoid race conditions from concurrent writes to the return variables
// in the async loop.
func (l *ctpRunLauncher) confirmCTPBuildsAsync(ctx context.Context, buildLaunchList *crosfleetpb.BuildLaunchList) (confirmedAnyBuilds bool, confirmationErrors []string) {
waitGroup := sync.WaitGroup{}
mutex := sync.Mutex{}
for _, buildLaunch := range buildLaunchList.Launches {
buildLaunch := buildLaunch
// Only wait for builds that were already scheduled without issues.
if buildLaunch.Build == nil || buildLaunch.Build.GetId() == 0 || buildLaunch.BuildError != "" {
go func() {
updatedBuild, err := l.bbClient.WaitForBuildStepStart(ctx, buildLaunch.Build.Id, ctpExecuteStepName)
if updatedBuild != nil {
buildLaunch.Build = updatedBuild
if updatedBuild.Status == buildbucketpb.Status_STARTED {
confirmedAnyBuilds = true
l.printer.WriteTextStdout("Successfully started %s run %d", l.cmdName, updatedBuild.Id)
if err != nil {
errString := fmt.Sprintf("Error waiting for build %d to start: %s", buildLaunch.Build.Id, err.Error())
buildLaunch.BuildError = errString
confirmationErrors = append(confirmationErrors, errString)
// testPlatformRequest constructs a cros_test_platform.Request from the given
// test plan, build tags, and command line flags.
func (l *ctpRunLauncher) testPlatformRequest(model string, buildTags map[string]string) (*test_platform.Request, error) {
softwareDependencies, err := l.cliFlags.softwareDependencies()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return &test_platform.Request{
TestPlan: l.testPlan,
Params: &test_platform.Request_Params{
FreeformAttributes: &test_platform.Request_Params_FreeformAttributes{
SwarmingDimensions: common.ToKeyvalSlice(l.cliFlags.addedDims),
HardwareAttributes: &test_platform.Request_Params_HardwareAttributes{
Model: model,
SoftwareAttributes: &test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareAttributes{
BuildTarget: &chromiumos.BuildTarget{Name: l.cliFlags.board},
SoftwareDependencies: softwareDependencies,
Scheduling: l.cliFlags.schedulingParams(),
Decorations: &test_platform.Request_Params_Decorations{
AutotestKeyvals: l.cliFlags.keyvals,
Tags: common.ToKeyvalSlice(buildTags),
Retry: l.cliFlags.retryParams(),
Metadata: &test_platform.Request_Params_Metadata{
TestMetadataUrl: imageArchiveBaseURL + l.cliFlags.image,
DebugSymbolsArchiveUrl: imageArchiveBaseURL + l.cliFlags.image,
Time: &test_platform.Request_Params_Time{
MaximumDuration: durationpb.New(
time.Duration(l.cliFlags.timeoutMins) * time.Minute),
}, nil
// softwareDependencies constructs test platform software dependencies from
// test run flags.
func (c *testCommonFlags) softwareDependencies() ([]*test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency, error) {
// Add dependencies from provision labels.
deps, err := softwareDepsFromProvisionLabels(c.provisionLabels)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
// Add build image dependency.
if c.image != "" {
deps = append(deps, &test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency{
Dep: &test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency_ChromeosBuild{ChromeosBuild: c.image},
// Add lacros path dependency.
if c.lacrosPath != "" {
deps = append(deps, &test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency{
Dep: &test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency_LacrosGcsPath{LacrosGcsPath: c.lacrosPath},
return deps, nil
// softwareDepsFromProvisionLabels parses the given provision labels into a
// []*test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency.
func softwareDepsFromProvisionLabels(labels map[string]string) ([]*test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency, error) {
var deps []*test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency
for label, value := range labels {
dep := &test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency{}
switch label {
// These prefixes are interpreted by autotest's provisioning behavior;
// they are defined in the autotest repo, at utils/
case "cros-version":
dep.Dep = &test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency_ChromeosBuild{
ChromeosBuild: value,
case "fwro-version":
dep.Dep = &test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency_RoFirmwareBuild{
RoFirmwareBuild: value,
case "fwrw-version":
dep.Dep = &test_platform.Request_Params_SoftwareDependency_RwFirmwareBuild{
RwFirmwareBuild: value,
return nil, errors.Reason("invalid provisionable label %s", label).Err()
deps = append(deps, dep)
return deps, nil
// schedulingParams constructs Swarming scheduling params from test run flags.
func (c *testCommonFlags) schedulingParams() *test_platform.Request_Params_Scheduling {
s := &test_platform.Request_Params_Scheduling{}
if managedPool, isManaged := managedPool(c.pool); isManaged {
s.Pool = &test_platform.Request_Params_Scheduling_ManagedPool_{ManagedPool: managedPool}
} else {
s.Pool = &test_platform.Request_Params_Scheduling_UnmanagedPool{UnmanagedPool: c.pool}
// Priority and Quota Scheduler account cannot coexist in a CTP request.
// Only attach priority if no quota account is specified.
if c.qsAccount != "" {
s.QsAccount = c.qsAccount
} else {
s.Priority = c.priority
return s
// managedPool returns the test_platform.Request_Params_Scheduling_ManagedPool
// matching the given pool string, and returns false if no match was found.
func managedPool(pool string) (test_platform.Request_Params_Scheduling_ManagedPool, bool) {
// Attempt to handle common pool name format discrepancies.
pool = strings.ToUpper(pool)
pool = strings.Replace(pool, "-", "_", -1)
pool = strings.Replace(pool, "DUT_POOL_", "MANAGED_POOL_", 1)
enum, ok := test_platform.Request_Params_Scheduling_ManagedPool_value[pool]
if !ok {
return 0, false
return test_platform.Request_Params_Scheduling_ManagedPool(enum), true
// schedulingParams constructs test retry params from test run flags.
func (c *testCommonFlags) retryParams() *test_platform.Request_Params_Retry {
return &test_platform.Request_Params_Retry{
Max: int32(c.maxRetries),
Allow: c.maxRetries != 0,
// testOrSuiteNamesTag formats a label for the given test/suite names, to be
// added to the build tags of a cros_test_platform build launched for the given
// tests/suites.
func testOrSuiteNamesTag(names []string) string {
if len(names) == 0 {
panic("no test/suite names given")
var label string
if len(names) > 1 {
label = fmt.Sprintf("%v", names)
} else {
label = names[0]
if len(label) > maxSwarmingTagLength {
return label[:maxSwarmingTagLength]
return label