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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
kpb "infra/cmd/package_index/kythe/proto"
// Error return by a target processor when a given target cannot be processed.
var errNotSupported = errors.New("not supported")
// Used to process GN targets.
type processor func(context.Context, string, string, string, string,
*FileHashMap, *gnTarget) (GnTargetInterface, error)
// GnTargetInterface the return value of the GN target processors that contains
// methods for processing a target's data files and compilation unit.
type GnTargetInterface interface {
getUnit() (*kpb.CompilationUnit, error)
getFiles() ([]string, error)
// Maps all GN target names to their respective JSON information.
// Used for parsing a GN targets file.
var gnTargetsMap map[string]gnTargetInfo
// gnTargetInfo stores the JSON information for a given target.
type gnTargetInfo struct {
Args []string `json:"args"`
Sources []string `json:"sources"`
Script string `json:"script"`
// gnTarget stores a singular target's name and JSON information parsed from a GN targets file.
type gnTarget struct {
targetName string
targetInfo gnTargetInfo
// GnTargets contains info for GN target processing.
type GnTargets struct {
once sync.Once
filePath string
processors []processor
targetChan chan *gnTarget
targetsLen int
// WaitGroup for closing targetDataOut.
DataWg sync.WaitGroup
// WaitGroup for closing targetUnitOut.
UnitWg sync.WaitGroup
// WaitGroup for deferring processing of compilation units until after data files
// have been processed into kzip entries.
KzipDataWg sync.WaitGroup
// NewGnTargets returns a GnTargets struct based on JSON file gnTargetsPath.
func NewGnTargets(gnTargetsPath string) *GnTargets {
gn := &GnTargets{
filePath: gnTargetsPath,
processors: []processor{protoTargetProcessor, mojomTargetProcessor},
return gn
// populateChannel parses the GN targets JSON file given in the command line arguments and
// sends the formatted data contained in a gnTarget struct to the targets channel in gnTargets.
func (gnTargets *GnTargets) populateChannel() {
if gnTargetsMap == nil {
// Unmarshal JSON.
dat, err := ioutil.ReadFile(gnTargets.filePath)
if err != nil {
json.Unmarshal(dat, &gnTargetsMap)
gnTargets.targetsLen = len(gnTargetsMap)
gnTargets.targetChan = make(chan *gnTarget, gnTargets.targetsLen)
for targetName, targetInfo := range gnTargetsMap {
gnTargets.targetChan <- &gnTarget{targetName, targetInfo}
// ProcessGnTargets takes a target from either targetFilesChan or targetUnitsChan
// and runs through several language-specific processors. It sends the results of
// the processors to channels for unit files and data files.
// If files is true, then process and send target data files. Otherwise, process
// and send the compilation unit.
func (gnTargets *GnTargets) ProcessGnTargets(ctx context.Context, rootPath, outDir, corpus, buildConfig string,
hashMaps *FileHashMap, targetDataOut chan<- string, targetUnitOut chan<- *kpb.CompilationUnit) error {
// Parse GN targets once.
// Channel for deferred compilation unit processing.
gnInterfaceChan := make(chan GnTargetInterface, gnTargets.targetsLen)
for target := range gnTargets.targetChan {
// Iterate through processors to find appropriate language.
for _, proc := range gnTargets.processors {
gnInterface, err := proc(ctx, rootPath, outDir, corpus, buildConfig, hashMaps, target)
if err != nil {
// Get and process data files.
files, err := gnInterface.getFiles()
if err != nil {
return err
if files == nil {
for _, f := range files {
targetDataOut <- f
// Send gnInterface to channel for deferred unit processing.
gnInterfaceChan <- gnInterface
// Wait for data files to be processed for writing to kzip.
// Process compilation units.
for gnInterface := range gnInterfaceChan {
// Get and process the compilation unit.
unit, err := gnInterface.getUnit()
if err != nil {
return err
if unit == nil {
targetUnitOut <- unit
return nil