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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package utils
import (
skycmdlib "infra/cmd/skylab/internal/cmd/cmdlib"
swarming_api ""
const defaultTaskPriority = 25
// TaskCreator creates Swarming tasks
type TaskCreator struct {
Client *swarming.Client
Environment site.Environment
// Session is an ID that is used to mark tasks and for tracking all of the tasks created in a logical session.
session string
// TaskInfo contains information of the created task.
type TaskInfo struct {
// ID of the created task in the Swarming.
ID string
// TaskURL provides the URL to the created task in Swarming.
TaskURL string
// NewTaskCreator creates and initialize the TaskCreator.
func NewTaskCreator(ctx context.Context, authFlags *authcli.Flags, envFlags skycmdlib.EnvFlags) (*TaskCreator, error) {
h, err := cmdlib.NewHTTPClient(ctx, authFlags)
if err != nil {
return nil, errors.Annotate(err, "failed to create TaskCreator").Err()
env := envFlags.Env()
client, err := swarming.NewClient(h, env.SwarmingService)
if err != nil {
return nil, errors.Annotate(err, "failed to create TaskCreator").Err()
tc := &TaskCreator{
Client: client,
Environment: env,
session: uuid.New().String(),
return tc, nil
// IsSwarmingTaskErr returns true if the given error is because of a swarming task failure
func IsSwarmingTaskErr(e error) bool {
_, ok := e.(swarmingTaskError)
return ok
type swarmingTaskError struct {
err error
func (e swarmingTaskError) Error() string {
return e.err.Error()
// Set it to 2 hours to allow deploy to finish
const deployTaskExecutionTimeout = 7200
// Set it 5 hours, to allow any kicked off deploy tasks to finish
const deployTaskExpirationTimeout = 18000
// Set deploy task as the highest priority to avoid the case that a scheduled repair job is run before a scheduled deployment task
const deployTaskPriority = 24
// DeployTask creates deploy task for a particular DUT
// The deployment task's parameters are hardcoded by the system instead of users now.
// TODO: Call DeployTask in add-dut and update-dut directly instead of calling crosskylabadmin.
func (tc *TaskCreator) DeployTask(ctx context.Context, dutID, actions string) (taskID string, err error) {
r := tc.getDeployTaskRequest(dutID, actions)
ctx, cf := context.WithTimeout(ctx, 60*time.Second)
defer cf()
resp, err := tc.Client.CreateTask(ctx, r)
if err != nil {
return "", swarmingTaskError{err}
return resp.TaskId, nil
func (tc *TaskCreator) getDeployTaskRequest(dutID, actions string) *swarming_api.SwarmingRpcsNewTaskRequest {
c := worker.Command{
TaskName: "deploy",
Actions: actions,
slices := []*swarming_api.SwarmingRpcsTaskSlice{{
ExpirationSecs: deployTaskExpirationTimeout,
Properties: &swarming_api.SwarmingRpcsTaskProperties{
Command: c.Args(),
Dimensions: dimsWithDUTID(dutID),
ExecutionTimeoutSecs: deployTaskExecutionTimeout,
// We never want tasks deduplicated with earlier tasks.
Idempotent: false,
WaitForCapacity: true,
return &swarming_api.SwarmingRpcsNewTaskRequest{
Name: "deploy",
Tags: tc.combineTags("deploy", c.LogDogAnnotationURL, []string{fmt.Sprintf("deploy_task:%s", dutID)}),
TaskSlices: slices,
Priority: deployTaskPriority,
ServiceAccount: tc.Environment.ServiceAccount,
func (tc *TaskCreator) dutNameToBotID(ctx context.Context, host string) (string, error) {
return tc.Client.DutNameToBotID(ctx, host)
// getLeaseCommand provides bash command to set dut state and run loop to keep DUT busy
// DUT state will be set as 'needs_repair'.
func getLeaseCommand(updateDutState bool) []string {
if updateDutState {
return []string{"/bin/sh", "-c", `/opt/infra-tools/skylab_swarming_worker -task-name set_needs_repair; while true; do sleep 60; echo Zzz...; done`}
return []string{"/bin/sh", "-c", `while true; do sleep 60; echo Zzz...; done`}
// sessionTag return admin session tag for swarming.
func (tc *TaskCreator) sessionTag() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("admin_session:%s", tc.session)
// taskURL generates URL to the task in swarming.
func (tc *TaskCreator) taskURL(id string) string {
return swarming.TaskURL(tc.Environment.SwarmingService, id)
func dimsWithDUTID(dutID string) []*swarming_api.SwarmingRpcsStringPair {
return []*swarming_api.SwarmingRpcsStringPair{
{Key: "pool", Value: swarming.SkylabPool},
{Key: "dut_id", Value: dutID},
func (tc *TaskCreator) combineTags(toolName, logDogURL string, customTags []string) []string {
tags := []string{
fmt.Sprintf("skylab-tool:%s", toolName),
fmt.Sprintf("luci_project:%s", tc.Environment.LUCIProject),
fmt.Sprintf("pool:%s", swarming.SkylabPool),
if logDogURL != "" {
// log_location is required to see the logs in the swarming
tags = append(tags, fmt.Sprintf("log_location:%s", logDogURL))
return append(tags, customTags...)