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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Package swmbot provides interaction with the Swarming bot running
// the Skylab worker process. This includes information about the
// Swarming bot as well as any Swarming bot local state.
package swmbot
import (
// Info contains information about the current Swarming bot.
type Info struct {
AdminService string
AutotestPath string
BotDUTID string
InventoryService string
UFSService string
LuciferBinDir string
ParserPath string
SwarmingService string
LabpackDir string
IsSchedulingUnit bool
Task Task
// GetInfo returns the Info for the current Swarming bot, built from
// environment variables.
// Per-bot variables:
// ADMIN_SERVICE: Admin service host, e.g.
// INVENTORY_SERVICE: Inventory V2 service host, e.g.
// AUTOTEST_DIR: Path to the autotest checkout on server.
// LUCIFER_TOOLS_DIR: Path to the lucifer installation.
// PARSER_PATH: Path to the autotest_status_parser installation.
// FLEET_RESOURCE_NAME: The name to locate a fleet resource, for now we
// use swarming dut_id dimension for this purpose.
// SWARMING_SERVICE: Swarming service host, e.g.
// FLEET_MULTIDUTS_FLAG: Indicates if the bot is hosting a Scheduling Unit.
// Per-task variables:
// SWARMING_TASK_ID: task id of the swarming task being serviced.
func GetInfo() *Info {
info := &Info{
AdminService: os.Getenv("ADMIN_SERVICE"),
AutotestPath: os.Getenv("AUTOTEST_DIR"),
InventoryService: os.Getenv("INVENTORY_SERVICE"),
UFSService: os.Getenv("UFS_SERVICE"),
LuciferBinDir: os.Getenv("LUCIFER_TOOLS_DIR"),
ParserPath: os.Getenv("PARSER_PATH"),
SwarmingService: os.Getenv("SWARMING_SERVICE"),
LabpackDir: os.Getenv("LABPACK_DIR"),
Task: Task{
RunID: os.Getenv("SWARMING_TASK_ID"),
suFlag := os.Getenv("FLEET_MULTIDUTS_FLAG")
if strings.ToLower(suFlag) == "true" || suFlag == "1" {
info.IsSchedulingUnit = true
return info
// Task describes the bot's current task.
type Task struct {
RunID string
// LuciferConfig returns the lucifer.Config for the Swarming bot.
func (b *Info) LuciferConfig() lucifer.Config {
return lucifer.Config{
AutotestPath: b.AutotestPath,
LabpackDir: b.LabpackDir,
BinDir: b.LuciferBinDir,
// ResultsDir returns the path to the results directory used by the bot task.
func (b *Info) ResultsDir() string {
// TODO(pprabhu): Reflect the requesting swarming server URL in the resultdir.
// This will truly disambiguate results between different swarming servers.
return filepath.Join(b.AutotestPath, "results", resultsSubdir(b.Task.RunID))
// TaskRunURL returns the URL for the current Swarming task execution.
func (b *Info) TaskRunURL() string {
// TODO(ayatane): Remove this fallback once SWARMING_SERVICE is passed down here.
if b.SwarmingService == "" {
return fmt.Sprintf("", b.Task.RunID)
return fmt.Sprintf("%s/task?id=%s", b.SwarmingService, b.Task.RunID)
// StainlessURL returns the URL to the stainless logs browser for logs offloaded
// from this task.
func (t *Task) StainlessURL() string {
return fmt.Sprintf(
// GsURL returns the URL for the Google Storage location of the logs offloaded
// from this task.
func (t *Task) GsURL(gsBucket string) string {
return fmt.Sprintf("gs://%s/%s/", gsBucket, resultsSubdir(t.RunID))
func resultsSubdir(runID string) string {
return filepath.Join(fmt.Sprintf("swarming-%s0", runID[:len(runID)-1]), runID[len(runID)-1:])