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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package eval
import (
evalpb "infra/rts/presubmit/eval/proto"
// Strategy evaluates how much a given test is affected by given changed files.
type Strategy func(context.Context, Input, *Output) error
// Input is input to a selection strategy.
type Input struct {
// ChangedFiles is a list of changed files.
ChangedFiles []*evalpb.SourceFile
// The strategy needs to decide how much each of these test variants is
// affected by the changed files.
TestVariants []*evalpb.TestVariant
// ensureChangedFilesInclude ensures that in.ChangedFiles includes all changed
// files in all of the patchsets.
func (in *Input) ensureChangedFilesInclude(pss ...*evalpb.GerritPatchset) {
type key struct {
repo, path string
set := map[key]struct{}{}
for _, f := range in.ChangedFiles {
set[key{repo: f.Repo, path: f.Path}] = struct{}{}
for _, ps := range pss {
for _, f := range ps.ChangedFiles {
k := key{repo: f.Repo, path: f.Path}
if _, ok := set[k]; !ok {
set[k] = struct{}{}
in.ChangedFiles = append(in.ChangedFiles, f)
// Output is the output of a selection strategy.
type Output struct {
// TestVariantAffectedness is how much Input.TestVariants are affected by the
// code change, where TestVariantAffectedness[i]
// corresponds to Input.TestVariants[i].
// When Strategy() is called, TestVariantAffectedness is pre-initialized
// with a slice with the same length as Input.TestVariants, and zero elements.
// Thus by default all tests are very affected (distance=0).
TestVariantAffectedness []rts.Affectedness