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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Top-level presubmit script for infra.
See for
details on the presubmit API built into gcl.
'W0231', # __init__ method from base class is not called
'W0232', # Class has no __init__ method
# Taken care of by appengine/
# Don't bother pylinting (these could also move to .gitignore):
# List of directories to jshint.
# List of blacklisted directories that we don't want to jshint.
# Files that must not be modified (regex)
# Paths tested are relative to the directory containing this file.
# Ex: infra/libs/
# Forked from depot_tools/presubmit_canned_checks._FetchAllFiles
def FetchAllFiles(input_api, white_list, black_list):
import datetime
start_time =
def Find(filepath, filters):
return any(, filepath) for item in filters)
repo_path = input_api.PresubmitLocalPath()
def MakeRootRelative(dirpath, item):
path = input_api.os_path.join(dirpath, item)
# Poor man's relpath:
if path.startswith(repo_path): # pragma: no cover
return path[len(repo_path) + 1:]
return path # pragma: no cover
dirs_walked = []
files = []
for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in input_api.os_walk(repo_path):
for item in dirnames[:]:
filepath = MakeRootRelative(dirpath, item)
if Find(filepath, black_list):
for item in filenames:
filepath = MakeRootRelative(dirpath, item)
if Find(filepath, white_list) and not Find(filepath, black_list):
duration = - start_time'FetchAllFiles found %s files, searching '
'%s directories in %ss' % (len(files), len(dirs_walked),
return files
def EnvAddingPythonPath(input_api, extra_python_paths):
# Copy the system path to the environment so pylint can find the right
# imports.
# FIXME: Is there no nicer way to pass a modified python path
# down to subprocess?
env = input_api.environ.copy()
import sys
env['PYTHONPATH'] = input_api.os_path.pathsep.join(
extra_python_paths + sys.path).encode('utf8')
return env
# Forked with prejudice from depot_tools/
def PylintFiles(input_api, output_api, files, pylint_root, disabled_warnings,
extra_python_paths): # pragma: no cover
input_api.logging.debug('Running pylint on: %s', files)
# FIXME: depot_tools should be right next to infra, however DEPS
# recursion into build/DEPS does not seem to be working:
canned_checks_path = input_api.canned_checks.__file__
canned_checks_path = input_api.os_path.abspath(canned_checks_path)
depot_tools_path = input_api.os_path.dirname(canned_checks_path)
pylintrc_path = input_api.os_path.join(depot_tools_path, 'pylintrc')
pylint_args = ['--rcfile=%s' % pylintrc_path]
pylint_args.extend(['-d', ','.join(disabled_warnings)])
env = EnvAddingPythonPath(input_api, extra_python_paths)
pytlint_path = input_api.os_path.join(depot_tools_path,
'third_party', '')
# Pass args via stdin, because windows (command line limit).
return input_api.Command(
name='Pylint (%s files under %s)' % (len(files), pylint_root),
kwargs={'env': env, 'stdin': '\n'.join(pylint_args + files)},
def IgnoredPaths(input_api): # pragma: no cover
# This computes the list if repository-root-relative paths which are
# ignored by .gitignore files. There is probably a faster way to do this.
status_output = input_api.subprocess.check_output(
['git', 'status', '--porcelain', '--ignored'])
statuses = [(line[:2], line[3:]) for line in status_output.splitlines()]
return [ for (mode, path) in statuses
if mode in ('!!', '??') and not path.endswith('.pyc')
def PythonRootForPath(input_api, path):
# For each path, walk up dirtories until find no more
# The directory with the last is considered our root.
root = input_api.os_path.dirname(path)
while True:
root_parent = input_api.os_path.dirname(root)
parent_init = input_api.os_path.join(root_parent, '')
if not input_api.os_path.isfile(parent_init):
root = root_parent
return root
def GroupPythonFilesByRoot(input_api, paths):
sorted_paths = sorted(paths)
import collections
grouped_paths = collections.defaultdict(list)
for path in sorted_paths:
# FIXME: This doesn't actually need to touch the filesystem if we can
# trust that 'paths' contains all paths we care about.
root = PythonRootForPath(input_api, path)
# Convert back to a normal dict before returning.
return dict(grouped_paths)
def DirtyRootsFromAffectedFiles(changed_py_files, root_to_paths):
# Compute root_groups for all python files
path_to_root = {}
for root, paths in root_to_paths.items():
for path in paths:
path_to_root[path] = root
# Using the above mapping, compute the actual roots we need to run
dirty_roots = set()
for path in changed_py_files:
return dirty_roots
def NoForkCheck(input_api, output_api): # pragma: no cover
"""Warn when a file that should not be modified is modified.
This is useful when a file is to be moved to a different place
and is temporarily copied to preserve backward compatibility. We don't
want the original file to be modified.
black_list_re = [ for regexp in NOFORK_PATHS]
offending_files = []
for filename in input_api.AffectedTextFiles():
if any( for regexp in black_list_re):
if offending_files:
return [output_api.PresubmitPromptWarning(
'You modified files that should not be modified. Look for a NOFORK file\n'
+ 'in a directory above those files to get more context:\n%s'
% '\n'.join(offending_files)
return []
def GoGoopRollCheck(input_api, output_api):
goops = set([input_api.os_path.join('go', f)
for f in ('Goopfile', 'Goopfile.lock')])
changed = []
for f in input_api.AffectedTextFiles():
if f.LocalPath() in goops:
assert len(changed) <= 2
if len(changed) == 1:
return [output_api.PresubmitPromptWarning(
'You modified only 1 Goop file, but a pair should be modified at once.\n'
'%s should also be modified.\n' %
return []
def EmptiedFilesCheck(input_api, output_api): # pragma: no cover
"""Warns if a CL empties a file.
This is not handled properly by apply_patch from depot_tools: the
file would not exist at all on trybot checkouts.
empty_files = []
infra_root = input_api.PresubmitLocalPath()
for filename in input_api.AffectedTextFiles():
fullname = input_api.os_path.join(infra_root, filename.LocalPath())
if not input_api.os_stat(fullname).st_size:
if empty_files:
return [output_api.PresubmitPromptWarning(
'Empty files found in the CL. This can cause trouble on trybots\n'
+ 'if your change depends on the existence of those files:\n%s'
% '\n'.join(empty_files)
return []
def BrokenLinksChecks(input_api, output_api): # pragma: no cover
"""Complains if there are broken committed symlinks."""
stdout = input_api.subprocess.check_output(['git', 'ls-files'])
files = stdout.splitlines()
output = []
infra_root = input_api.PresubmitLocalPath()
for filename in files:
fullname = input_api.os_path.join(infra_root, filename)
if (input_api.os_path.lexists(fullname)
and not input_api.os_path.exists(fullname)):
output.append(output_api.PresubmitError('Broken symbolic link: %s'
% filename))
return output
def PylintChecks(input_api, output_api): # pragma: no cover
infra_root = input_api.PresubmitLocalPath()
# DEPS specifies depot_tools, as sibling of infra.
venv_path = input_api.os_path.join(infra_root, 'ENV', 'lib', 'python2.7')
# Cause all pylint commands to execute in the virtualenv
input_api.python_executable = (
input_api.os_path.join(infra_root, 'ENV', 'bin', 'python'))
white_list = ['.*\.py$']
black_list = list(input_api.DEFAULT_BLACK_LIST)
black_list += ['.*\.pyc$', '.*_pb2\.py']
black_list += IgnoredPaths(input_api)
extra_syspaths = [venv_path]
all_python_files = FetchAllFiles(input_api, white_list, black_list)
root_to_paths = GroupPythonFilesByRoot(input_api, all_python_files)
source_filter = lambda path: input_api.FilterSourceFile(path,
white_list=white_list, black_list=black_list)
changed_py_files = [f.LocalPath()
for f in input_api.AffectedSourceFiles(source_filter)]
dirty_roots = DirtyRootsFromAffectedFiles(changed_py_files, root_to_paths)
tests = []
for root_path in sorted(dirty_roots):
python_files = root_to_paths[root_path]
if root_path == '':
root_path = input_api.PresubmitLocalPath()'Running pylint on %d files under %s',
len(python_files), root_path)
syspaths = extra_syspaths + [root_path]
tests.append(PylintFiles(input_api, output_api, python_files, root_path,
return tests
def GetAffectedJsFiles(input_api, include_deletes=False):
"""Returns a list of absolute paths to modified *.js files."""
infra_root = input_api.PresubmitLocalPath()
whitelisted_paths = [
input_api.os_path.join(infra_root, path)
for path in JSHINT_PROJECTS]
blacklisted_paths = [
input_api.os_path.join(infra_root, path)
def keep_whitelisted_files(affected_file):
return any([
affected_file.AbsoluteLocalPath().startswith(whitelisted_path) and
not affected_file.AbsoluteLocalPath().startswith(blacklisted_path)
for blacklisted_path in blacklisted_paths
for whitelisted_path in whitelisted_paths
return sorted(
for f in input_api.AffectedFiles(
include_deletes=include_deletes, file_filter=keep_whitelisted_files)
if f.AbsoluteLocalPath().endswith('.js'))
def JshintChecks(input_api, output_api): # pragma: no cover
"""Runs Jshint on all .js files under appengine/."""
infra_root = input_api.PresubmitLocalPath()
node_jshint_path = input_api.os_path.join(infra_root, 'node', '')
tests = []
for js_file in GetAffectedJsFiles(input_api):
cmd = [input_api.python_executable, node_jshint_path, js_file]
name='Jshint %s' % js_file,
return tests
def CommonChecks(input_api, output_api): # pragma: no cover
output = input_api.RunTests(PylintChecks(input_api, output_api))
output.extend(input_api.RunTests(JshintChecks(input_api, output_api)))
output.extend(BrokenLinksChecks(input_api, output_api))
return output
def CheckChangeOnUpload(input_api, output_api): # pragma: no cover
output = CommonChecks(input_api, output_api)
output.extend(NoForkCheck(input_api, output_api))
output.extend(EmptiedFilesCheck(input_api, output_api))
output.extend(GoGoopRollCheck(input_api, output_api))
return output
def CheckChangeOnCommit(input_api, output_api): # pragma: no cover
output = CommonChecks(input_api, output_api)
output.extend(input_api.canned_checks.CheckOwners(input_api, output_api))
return output
# Unused argument - pylint: disable=W0613
def GetPreferredTryMasters(project, change): # pragma: no cover
import json
import os.path
import platform
import subprocess
cq_config_path = os.path.join(
change.RepositoryRoot(), 'config', 'cq.cfg')
# below is a script in depot_tools directory, which has a
# 'builders' command to retrieve a list of CQ builders from the CQ config.
is_win = platform.system() == 'Windows'
masters = json.loads(subprocess.check_output(
['commit_queue', 'builders', cq_config_path], shell=is_win))
try_config = {}
for master in masters:
try_config.setdefault(master, {})
for builder in masters[master]:
# Do not trigger presubmit builders, since they're likely to fail
# (e.g. OWNERS checks before finished code review), and we're
# running local presubmit anyway.
if 'presubmit' not in builder.lower():
try_config[master][builder] = ['defaulttests']
return try_config