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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is govered by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""A set of helpers functions for fulltext search."""
import logging
from google.appengine.api import search
import settings
from proto import ast_pb2
from proto import tracker_pb2
# GAE search API can only respond with 500 results per call.
# Do not treat strings that start with the below as key:value search terms.
# See for more detail.
def BuildFTSQuery(query_ast_conj, fulltext_fields):
"""Convert a Monorail query AST into a GAE search query string.
query_ast_conj: a Conjunction PB with a list of Comparison PBs that each
have operator, field definitions, string values, and int values.
All Conditions should be AND'd together.
fulltext_fields: a list of string names of fields that may exist in the
fulltext documents. E.g., issue fulltext documents have a "summary"
A string that can be passed to AppEngine's search API. Or, None if there
were no fulltext conditions, so no fulltext search should be done.
fulltext_parts = [
_BuildFTSCondition(cond, fulltext_fields)
for cond in query_ast_conj.conds]
if any(fulltext_parts):
return ' '.join(fulltext_parts)
return None
def _BuildFTSCondition(cond, fulltext_fields):
"""Convert one query AST condition into a GAE search query string."""
if cond.op == ast_pb2.QueryOp.NOT_TEXT_HAS:
neg = 'NOT '
elif cond.op == ast_pb2.QueryOp.TEXT_HAS:
neg = ''
return '' # FTS only looks at TEXT_HAS and NOT_TEXT_HAS
parts = []
for fd in cond.field_defs:
if fd.field_name in fulltext_fields:
pattern = fd.field_name + ':"%s"'
elif fd.field_name == ast_pb2.ANY_FIELD:
pattern = '"%s"'
elif fd.field_id and fd.field_type == tracker_pb2.FieldTypes.STR_TYPE:
pattern = 'custom_' + str(fd.field_id) + ':"%s"'
continue # This issue field is searched via SQL.
for value in cond.str_values:
# Strip out quotes around the value.
value = value.strip('"')
special_prefixes_match = any(value.startswith(p) for p in NON_OP_PREFIXES)
if not special_prefixes_match:
value = value.replace(':', ' ')
assert ('"' not in value), 'Value %r has a quote in it' % value
parts.append(pattern % value)
if parts:
return neg + '(%s)' % ' OR '.join(parts)
return '' # None of the fields were fulltext fields.
def ComprehensiveSearch(fulltext_query, index_name):
"""Call the GAE search API, and keep calling it to get all results.
fulltext_query: string in the GAE search API query language.
index_name: string name of the GAE fulltext index to hit.
A list of integer issue IIDs or project IDs.
search_index = search.Index(name=index_name)
response =
limit=_SEARCH_RESULT_CHUNK_SIZE, returned_fields=[], ids_only=True,
cursor=search.Cursor())))'got %d initial results', len(response.results))
ids = [int(result.doc_id) for result in response]
remaining_iterations = int(
settings.fulltext_limit_per_shard - 1 / _SEARCH_RESULT_CHUNK_SIZE)
for _ in range(remaining_iterations):
if not response.cursor:
response =
limit=_SEARCH_RESULT_CHUNK_SIZE, returned_fields=[], ids_only=True,
'got %d more results: %r', len(response.results), response.results)
ids.extend(int(result.doc_id) for result in response)'FTS result ids %d', len(ids))
return ids