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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is govered by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Classes for users to create a new project."""
import logging
from third_party import ezt
import settings
from framework import actionlimit
from framework import filecontent
from framework import framework_bizobj
from framework import framework_constants
from framework import framework_helpers
from framework import gcs_helpers
from framework import jsonfeed
from framework import permissions
from framework import servlet
from framework import urls
from project import project_helpers
from project import project_views
from services import project_svc
from tracker import tracker_bizobj
from tracker import tracker_views
_MSG_PROJECT_NAME_NOT_AVAIL = 'That project name is not available.'
_MSG_MISSING_PROJECT_NAME = 'Missing project name'
_MSG_INVALID_PROJECT_NAME = 'Invalid project name'
_MSG_MISSING_PROJECT_SUMMARY = 'Missing project summary'
class ProjectCreate(servlet.Servlet):
"""Shows a page with a simple form to create a project."""
_PAGE_TEMPLATE = 'sitewide/project-create-page.ezt'
def AssertBasePermission(self, mr):
"""Assert that the user has the permissions needed to view this page."""
super(ProjectCreate, self).AssertBasePermission(mr)
if not permissions.CanCreateProject(mr.perms):
raise permissions.PermissionException(
'User is not allowed to create a project')
def GatherPageData(self, _mr):
"""Build up a dictionary of data values to use when rendering the page."""
available_access_levels = project_helpers.BuildProjectAccessOptions(None)
offer_access_level = len(available_access_levels) > 1
if settings.default_access_level:
access_view = project_views.ProjectAccessView(
access_view = None
return {
'initial_name': '',
'initial_summary': '',
'initial_description': '',
'initial_project_home': '',
'initial_docs_url': '',
'initial_logo_gcs_id': '',
'initial_logo_file_name': '',
'logo_view': tracker_views.LogoView(None),
'labels': [],
'max_project_name_length': framework_constants.MAX_PROJECT_NAME_LENGTH,
'offer_access_level': ezt.boolean(offer_access_level),
'initial_access': access_view,
'available_access_levels': available_access_levels,
def GatherHelpData(self, mr, _page_data):
"""Return a dict of values to drive on-page user help.
mr: common information parsed from the HTTP request.
_page_data: Dictionary of base and page template data.
A dict of values to drive on-page user help, to be added to page_data.
cue_remaining_projects = None
(_period, _soft, _hard,
life_max) = actionlimit.ACTION_LIMITS[actionlimit.PROJECT_CREATION]
actionlimit_pb = actionlimit.GetLimitPB(
mr.auth.user_pb, actionlimit.PROJECT_CREATION)
if actionlimit_pb.get_assigned_value('lifetime_limit'):
life_max = actionlimit_pb.lifetime_limit
if life_max is not None:
if (actionlimit_pb.lifetime_count + 10 >= life_max
and actionlimit_pb.lifetime_count < life_max):
cue_remaining_projects = life_max - actionlimit_pb.lifetime_count
return {
'cue': None,
'cue_remaining_projects': cue_remaining_projects,
def ProcessFormData(self, mr, post_data):
"""Process the posted form."""
# 1. Parse and validate user input.
# Project name is taken from post_data because we are creating it.
project_name = post_data.get('projectname')
if not project_name:
mr.errors.projectname = _MSG_MISSING_PROJECT_NAME
elif not framework_bizobj.IsValidProjectName(project_name):
mr.errors.projectname = _MSG_INVALID_PROJECT_NAME
summary = post_data.get('summary')
if not summary:
mr.errors.summary = _MSG_MISSING_PROJECT_SUMMARY
description = post_data.get('description', '')
access = project_helpers.ParseProjectAccess(None, post_data.get('access'))
home_page = post_data.get('project_home')
if home_page and not (
home_page.startswith('http://') or home_page.startswith('https://')):
mr.errors.project_home = 'Home page link must start with http(s)://'
docs_url = post_data.get('docs_url')
if docs_url and not (
docs_url.startswith('http:') or docs_url.startswith('https:')):
mr.errors.docs_url = 'Documentation link must start with http: or https:'
self.CheckCaptcha(mr, post_data)
# These are not specified on via the ProjectCreate form,
# the user must edit the project after creation to set them.
committer_ids = []
contributor_ids = []
# Validate that provided logo is supported.
logo_provided = 'logo' in post_data and not isinstance(
post_data['logo'], basestring)
if logo_provided:
item = post_data['logo']
except gcs_helpers.UnsupportedMimeType, e:
mr.errors.logo = e.message
# 2. Call services layer to save changes.
if not mr.errors.AnyErrors():
project_id =
mr.cnxn, project_name, [mr.auth.user_id],
committer_ids, contributor_ids, summary, description,
access=access, home_page=home_page, docs_url=docs_url)
config = tracker_bizobj.MakeDefaultProjectIssueConfig(project_id), config)
# Note: No need to store any canned queries or rules yet., project_id)
# Update project with logo if specified.
if logo_provided:
item = post_data['logo']
logo_file_name = item.filename
logo_gcs_id = gcs_helpers.StoreLogoInGCS(
logo_file_name, item.value, project_id)
mr.cnxn, project_id, logo_gcs_id=logo_gcs_id,
mr, {actionlimit.PROJECT_CREATION: 1})
except project_svc.ProjectAlreadyExists:
mr.errors.projectname = _MSG_PROJECT_NAME_NOT_AVAIL
# 3. Determine the next page in the UI flow.
if mr.errors.AnyErrors():
access_view = project_views.ProjectAccessView(access)
mr, initial_summary=summary, initial_description=description,
initial_name=project_name, initial_access=access_view)
# Go to the new project's introduction page.
return framework_helpers.FormatAbsoluteURL(
mr, urls.ADMIN_INTRO, project_name=project_name)
class CheckProjectNameJSON(jsonfeed.JsonFeed):
"""JSON data for handling project name checks when creating a project."""
def HandleRequest(self, mr):
"""Provide the UI with info about the availability of the project name.
mr: common information parsed from the HTTP request.
Results dictionary in JSON format.
if, [mr.specified_project]):
return {'error_message': _MSG_PROJECT_NAME_NOT_AVAIL}
return {'error_message': ''}