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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is govered by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Helper functions used in sitewide servlets."""
import logging
from framework import permissions
from proto import project_pb2
def GetViewableStarredProjects(
cnxn, services, viewed_user_id, effective_ids, logged_in_user):
"""Returns a list of viewable starred projects."""
starred_project_ids = services.project_star.LookupStarredItemIDs(
cnxn, viewed_user_id)
projects = services.project.GetProjects(cnxn, starred_project_ids).values()
viewable_projects = FilterViewableProjects(
projects, logged_in_user, effective_ids)
return viewable_projects
def FilterViewableProjects(project_list, logged_in_user, effective_ids):
"""Return subset of LIVE project protobufs viewable by the given user."""
viewable_projects = []
for project in project_list:
if (project.state == project_pb2.ProjectState.LIVE and
logged_in_user, effective_ids, project)):
return viewable_projects
def GetUserProjects(
cnxn, services, user, effective_ids, viewed_user_effective_ids):
"""Get the projects to display in the user's profile.
cnxn: connection to the SQL database.
services: An instance of services
user: The user doing the viewing.
effective_ids: set of int user IDs of the user viewing the projects
(including any user group IDs).
viewed_user_effective_ids: set of int user IDs of the user being viewed.
A 4-tuple of lists of PBs:
- live projects the viewed user owns
- archived projects the viewed user owns
- live projects the viewed user is a member of
- live projects the viewed user is a contributor to
Any projects the viewing user should not be able to see are filtered out.
Admins can see everything, while other users can see all non-locked
projects they own or are a member of, as well as all live projects.
(owned_project_ids, membered_project_ids,
contrib_project_ids) = services.project.GetUserRolesInAllProjects(
cnxn, viewed_user_effective_ids)
# Each project should only be considered for at most one role category.
# We keep the highest ranking roles and discard lower-ranking ones.
# Build a dictionary of (project_id -> project)
# so that we can check permissions.
combined = owned_project_ids.union(membered_project_ids).union(
projects_dict = services.project.GetProjects(cnxn, combined)
projects_dict = _FilterProjectDict(user, effective_ids, projects_dict)
visible_ownership = _PickProjects(owned_project_ids, projects_dict)
visible_archived = _PickProjects(
owned_project_ids, projects_dict, archived=True)
visible_membership = _PickProjects(membered_project_ids, projects_dict)
visible_contrib = _PickProjects(contrib_project_ids, projects_dict)
return (_SortProjects(visible_ownership), _SortProjects(visible_archived),
_SortProjects(visible_membership), _SortProjects(visible_contrib))
def _SortProjects(projects):
return sorted(projects, key=lambda p: p.project_name)
def _PickProjects(project_ids, projects_dict, archived=False):
"""Select the projects named in project_ids from a preloaded dictionary.
project_ids: list of project_ids for the desired projects.
projects_dict: dict {project_id: ProjectPB, ...} of a lot
of preloaded projects, including all the desired ones that exist.
archived: set to True if you want to return projects that are in a
ARCHIVED state instead of those that are not.
A list of Project PBs for the desired projects. If one of them is
not found in projects_dict, it is ignored.
# Done in 3 steps: lookup all existing requested projects, filter out
# DELETABLE ones, then filter out ARCHIVED or non-ARCHIVED.
results = [projects_dict.get(pid) for pid in project_ids
if pid in projects_dict]
results = [proj for proj in results
if proj.state != project_pb2.ProjectState.DELETABLE]
results = [proj for proj in results
if archived == (proj.state == project_pb2.ProjectState.ARCHIVED)]
return results
def _FilterProjectDict(user, effective_ids, projects_dict):
"""Return a new project dictionary which contains only viewable projects."""
return {
pid: project
for pid, project in projects_dict.iteritems()
if permissions.UserCanViewProject(user, effective_ids, project)