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<h3>Access Not Allowed</h3>
<h4>What happened?</h4>
<p>You are not allowed to access this service.</p>
<p>Please <a href="mailto:[feedback_email]">contact us</a> if you believe that you should be able to access this service. (This is a Google Group; what you write will be visible on the Internet.)</p>
[# Note: we do not show the reason for being banned. ]
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<b style="margin:0.5em">Your options:</b>
<li>Participate in the open source community through other websites.</li>
<li><a href="[logout_url_goto_home]">Sign out</a> and access this site as
an anonymous user.</li>
<li><a href="mailto:[feedback_email]">Contact us</a> for further assistance.</li>
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