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<h3>Action Limit Exceeded</h3>
<h4>What happened?</h4>
<div style="width:60em">
<p>You have performed the requested action too many times in a 24-hour
time period. Or, you have performed the requested action too many
times since the creation of your account.</p>
<p>We place limits on the number of actions that can be performed by
each user in order to reduce the potential for abuse. We feel that we have set
these limits high enough that legitimate use will very rarely
reach them. Without these limits, a few abusive users could degrade
the quality of this site for everyone.</p>
<div style="margin:2em" class="help">
<b style="margin:0.5em">Your options:</b>
<li>Wait 24 hours and then try this action again.</li>
<li>Ask another member of your project to perform the action for you.</li>
<li><a href="mailto:[feedback_email]">Contact us</a> for further assistance.</li>
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