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<h4>Project metadata</h4>
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<h4>Project access</h4>
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<br>This project may be viewed by:
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<p>Restriction labels allow project members to restrict access to individual
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Normally, if a project member may edit the labels, then he or she may also
edit restriction labels. That allows project committers to adjust access
controls for the items that they are working on. However, some project
owners may prefer that once a restriction label is in place, only a project
owner may remove it.
<input type="checkbox" name="only_owners_remove_restrictions"
[if-any only_owners_remove_restrictions]checked="checked"[end] >
<label for="only_owners_remove_restrictions">Only project owners
may remove <tt>Restrict-*</tt> labels</label>
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<p>Collaboration style
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Project workspaces are usually intended to promote collaboration among
all project members. However, sometimes a compartmentalized collaboration
style is more appropriate. For example, one company might want to work
with several partners, but not let each partner know about the others.
Note: In such a project, all artifacts should have restriction labels.
<input type="checkbox" name="only_owners_see_contributors" id="only_owners_see_contributors"
[if-any only_owners_see_contributors]checked="checked"[end] >
<label for="only_owners_see_contributors">Only project owners may see the list of contributors.</label>
<h4>Activity notifications</h4>
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<p>Email notifications of issue tracker activity will automatically be sent to
the following email address.</p>
<table cellpadding="2">
<tr><th>All issue changes:</th>
<td><input type="email" name="issue_notify" size="35" value="[issue_notify]"><br>
[if-any errors.issue_notify]
<div class="fielderror">[errors.issue_notify]</div>
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<h4>Email reply processing</h4>
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<p>Users may add comments and make updates by replying to
certain notification emails.
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<div class="ifOpened help">
Users may add comments to an issue
by replying to a notification email:
<li>Look for a note in the footer of the email indicating that
a reply will be processed by the server.</li>
<li>Comments must be in replies to notification emails sent directly
to the member, not through a mailing list.</li>
<li>The reply must be <tt>From:</tt> the same email address to which
the notification was sent.</li>
<li>Project members who have permission to edit issues may make
changes via email replies.</li>
<input type="checkbox" name="process_inbound_email" id="process_inbound_email"
[if-any process_inbound_email]checked="checked"[end] >
<label for="process_inbound_email">Process email replies</label>
<input type="submit" id="savechanges" name="btn" value="Save changes" class="submit">
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