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[# Even though this field definition says it is single-valued, the issue might have
multiple values if the field definition was previously multi-valued. In such a situation
values other than the first value are shown read-only and must be explicitly removed
before the comment can be submitted. ]
[# If the field has no explicit values, then show an empty form element.]
[if-any fields.values][else]
<input name="custom_[fields.field_id]" id="custom_[fields.field_id]" value=""
[if-any fields.field_def.is_required_bool]required="required"[end]
[# TODO(jrobbins): validation]
class="multivalued customfield" size="90">
[for fields.values]
[if-index fields.values first]
<input name="custom_[fields.field_id]" value="[fields.values.val]"
class="multivalued customfield"
[if-any fields.field_def.is_required_bool]required="required"[end]
[# TODO(jrobbins): validation]
<input disabled="disabled" value="[fields.values.val]"
class="multivalued" size="90">
<a href="#" class="removeMultiFieldValueWidget">X</a>
[for fields.derived_values]
<input disabled="disabled" value="[fields.derived_values.val]"
style="font-style:italic" class="multivalued" size="90"><br>