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[# Display a <select> widget with options to set/append/remove/clear the field.
arg0: element ID of widget to disable if Clear is selected. The form name and ID
of the <select> will be "op_" + arg0.
arg1: "multi" for multi-valued fields so that "Append" and "Remove" are offered.
<select name="op_[arg0]" id="op_[arg0]" style="width:9em" tabindex="-1">
[is arg1 "multi"]
<option value="append" selected="selected">Append +=</option>
<option value="remove">Remove -=</option>
[# TODO(jrobbins): <option value="setexact">Set exactly :=</option>]
<option value="set" selected="selected">Set =</option>
<option value="clear">Clear</option>
[is arg1 "multi"][else]
<script type="text/javascript" nonce="[nonce]">
runOnLoad(function() {
if ($("op_[arg0]")) {
$("op_[arg0]").addEventListener("change", function(event) {
_ignoreWidgetIfOpIsClear(, '[arg0]');