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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is govered by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Helper functions for custom field sevlets."""
import collections
import logging
import re
from framework import framework_bizobj
from framework import framework_constants
from framework import monorailrequest
from framework import permissions
from proto import tracker_pb2
from services import config_svc
from services import user_svc
from tracker import tracker_bizobj
ParsedFieldDef = collections.namedtuple(
'field_name, field_type_str, min_value, max_value, regex, '
'needs_member, needs_perm, grants_perm, notify_on, is_required, '
'is_multivalued, field_docstring, choices_text, applicable_type, '
'applicable_predicate, revised_labels')
def ParseFieldDefRequest(post_data, config):
"""Parse the user's HTML form data to update a field definition."""
field_name = post_data.get('name', '')
field_type_str = post_data.get('field_type')
# TODO(jrobbins): once a min or max is set, it cannot be completely removed.
min_value_str = post_data.get('min_value')
min_value = int(min_value_str)
except (ValueError, TypeError):
min_value = None
max_value_str = post_data.get('max_value')
max_value = int(max_value_str)
except (ValueError, TypeError):
max_value = None
regex = post_data.get('regex')
needs_member = 'needs_member' in post_data
needs_perm = post_data.get('needs_perm', '').strip()
grants_perm = post_data.get('grants_perm', '').strip()
notify_on_str = post_data.get('notify_on')
if notify_on_str in config_svc.NOTIFY_ON_ENUM:
notify_on = config_svc.NOTIFY_ON_ENUM.index(notify_on_str)
notify_on = 0
is_required = 'is_required' in post_data
is_multivalued = 'is_multivalued' in post_data
field_docstring = post_data.get('docstring', '')
choices_text = post_data.get('choices', '')
applicable_type = post_data.get('applicable_type', '')
applicable_predicate = '' # TODO(jrobbins): placeholder for future feature
revised_labels = _ParseChoicesIntoWellKnownLabels(
choices_text, field_name, config)
return ParsedFieldDef(
field_name, field_type_str, min_value, max_value, regex,
needs_member, needs_perm, grants_perm, notify_on, is_required,
is_multivalued, field_docstring, choices_text, applicable_type,
applicable_predicate, revised_labels)
def _ParseChoicesIntoWellKnownLabels(choices_text, field_name, config):
"""Parse a field's possible choices and integrate them into the config.
choices_text: string with one label and optional docstring per line.
field_name: string name of the field definition being edited.
config: ProjectIssueConfig PB of the current project.
A revised list of labels that can be used to update the config.
matches = framework_constants.IDENTIFIER_DOCSTRING_RE.findall(choices_text)
new_labels = [
('%s-%s' % (field_name, label), choice_docstring.strip(), False)
for label, choice_docstring in matches]
kept_labels = [
(wkl.label, wkl.label_docstring, False)
for wkl in config.well_known_labels
if not tracker_bizobj.LabelIsMaskedByField(
wkl.label, [field_name.lower()])]
revised_labels = kept_labels + new_labels
return revised_labels
def ShiftEnumFieldsIntoLabels(
labels, labels_remove, field_val_strs, field_val_strs_remove, config):
"""Look at the custom field values and treat enum fields as labels.
labels: list of labels to add/set on the issue.
labels_remove: list of labels to remove from the issue.
field_val_strs: {field_id: [val_str, ...]} of custom fields to add/set.
field_val_strs_remove: {field_id: [val_str, ...]} of custom fields to
config: ProjectIssueConfig PB including custom field definitions.
SIDE-EFFECT: the labels and labels_remove lists will be extended with
key-value labels corresponding to the enum field values. Those field
entries will be removed from field_vals and field_vals_remove.
for fd in config.field_defs:
if fd.field_type != tracker_pb2.FieldTypes.ENUM_TYPE:
if fd.field_id in field_val_strs:
'%s-%s' % (fd.field_name, val)
for val in field_val_strs[fd.field_id]
if val and val != '--')
del field_val_strs[fd.field_id]
if fd.field_id in field_val_strs_remove:
'%s-%s' % (fd.field_name, val)
for val in field_val_strs_remove[fd.field_id]
if val and val != '--')
del field_val_strs_remove[fd.field_id]
def _ParseOneFieldValue(cnxn, user_service, fd, val_str):
"""Make one FieldValue PB from the given user-supplied string."""
if fd.field_type == tracker_pb2.FieldTypes.INT_TYPE:
return tracker_bizobj.MakeFieldValue(
fd.field_id, int(val_str), None, None, False)
except ValueError:
return None # TODO(jrobbins): should bounce
elif fd.field_type == tracker_pb2.FieldTypes.STR_TYPE:
return tracker_bizobj.MakeFieldValue(
fd.field_id, None, val_str, None, False)
elif fd.field_type == tracker_pb2.FieldTypes.USER_TYPE:
if val_str:
user_id = user_service.LookupUserID(cnxn, val_str, autocreate=False)
except user_svc.NoSuchUserException:
# Set to invalid user ID to display error during the validation step.
return tracker_bizobj.MakeFieldValue(
fd.field_id, None, None, user_id, False)
return None
logging.error('Cant parse field with unexpected type %r', fd.field_type)
return None
def ParseFieldValues(cnxn, user_service, field_val_strs, config):
"""Return a list of FieldValue PBs based on the the given dict of strings."""
field_values = []
for fd in config.field_defs:
if fd.field_id not in field_val_strs:
for val_str in field_val_strs[fd.field_id]:
fv = _ParseOneFieldValue(cnxn, user_service, fd, val_str)
if fv:
return field_values
def _ValidateOneCustomField(mr, services, field_def, field_val):
"""Validate one custom field value and return an error string or None."""
if field_def.field_type == tracker_pb2.FieldTypes.INT_TYPE:
if (field_def.min_value is not None and
field_val.int_value < field_def.min_value):
return 'Value must be >= %d' % field_def.min_value
if (field_def.max_value is not None and
field_val.int_value > field_def.max_value):
return 'Value must be <= %d' % field_def.max_value
elif field_def.field_type == tracker_pb2.FieldTypes.STR_TYPE:
if field_def.regex and field_val.str_value:
regex = re.compile(field_def.regex)
if not regex.match(field_val.str_value):
return 'Value must match regular expression: %s' % field_def.regex
except re.error:'Failed to process regex %r with value %r. Allowing.',
field_def.regex, field_val.str_value)
return None
elif field_def.field_type == tracker_pb2.FieldTypes.USER_TYPE:
if field_val.user_id == INVALID_USER_ID:
return 'User not found'
if field_def.needs_member:
auth = monorailrequest.AuthData.FromUserID(
mr.cnxn, field_val.user_id, services)
user_value_in_project = framework_bizobj.UserIsInProject(
mr.project, auth.effective_ids)
if not user_value_in_project:
return 'User must be a member of the project'
if field_def.needs_perm:
field_val_user = services.user.GetUser(mr.cnxn, field_val.user_id)
user_perms = permissions.GetPermissions(
field_val_user, auth.effective_ids, mr.project)
has_perm = user_perms.CanUsePerm(
field_def.needs_perm, auth.effective_ids, mr.project, [])
if not has_perm:
return 'User must have permission "%s"' % field_def.needs_perm
return None
def ValidateCustomFields(mr, services, field_values, config, errors):
"""Validate each of the given fields and report problems in errors object."""
for fv in field_values:
fd = tracker_bizobj.FindFieldDefByID(fv.field_id, config)
if fd:
err_msg = _ValidateOneCustomField(mr, services, fd, fv)
if err_msg:
errors.SetCustomFieldError(fv.field_id, err_msg)