Terms of Service for Monorail (https://bugs.chromium.org)

Please refer to Google’s Terms of Service.

The terms below are specific to Monorail and are in addition to or superseding Google’s Terms of Service.

Your Account in Monorail

A Monorail User account is automatically created when you visit https://bugs.chromium.org while logged in for the first time. The account is associated with your email.

Data Retention

As a bug tracker for Chromium and Chromium related projects, the issues and discussions that occur in Monorail are insightful and vital to understanding the codebase and history of the projects we track. Therefore, Monorail retains all data generated on the site indefinitely. User accounts and data associated with the account may be deleted upon request or as a result of the associated email being deleted. See Deleting Your User Account for more information.

Deleting Your User Account

There are two ways a User Account can be deleted in Monorail.

  1. If the Google account associated with a Monorail User Account is deleted, Monorail will delete the User account within 7 days. For instructions deleting your Google account visit the Google Account Help Center.

  2. Users can request the deletion of their owner Monorail User Account by filing a bug with the Monorail Team while logged in with the account that they want deleted. We will not accept requests to delete accounts that differ from that of the user making the request. Please note that if a user visits Monorail again while logged in, after their account has been deleted, Monorail will automatically create another account.