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- description: "Read configs from LUCI-config"
url: /internal/cron/read-config
schedule: every 10 minutes
- description: "Update analysis and create/update bugs for high-impact clusters"
url: /internal/cron/update-analysis-and-bugs
schedule: every 15 minutes synchronized
- description: "Sweeper job for transactional tasks."
url: /internal/tasks/c/sweep
schedule: every 1 minutes
- description: "Trigger ExportTestVariant jobs on a schedule."
url: /internal/cron/export-test-variants
# Note: to update the schedule, you also need to update
# ScheduleTasks at weetbix/internal/services/testvariantbqexporter/task.go
# to make sure the new schedule and time range of each row matches.
schedule: every 1 hours from 00:00 to 23:00
# Do not retry after 55 minutes.
job_age_limit: 55m
- description: "Purge test variants that have been consistently expected or no new results for over a month."
url: /internal/cron/purge-test-variants
schedule: every 60 minutes
- description: "Orchestrate re-clustering of test results."
url: /internal/cron/reclustering
# The actual reclustering interval is specified in the system config
# as reclustering_interval_minutes. This just triggers the orchestrator.
schedule: every 1 minutes synchronized
- description: "Global metrics reporting."
url: /internal/cron/global-metrics
schedule: every 10 minutes synchronized