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// Schemas for tree configs.
syntax = "proto3";
package tree;
// SomCfg stores options related to the Sheriff-o-Matic frontend.
message SomCfg {
// BugQueueLabel is a Monorail label to use for a sheriffing bug queue
// attached to this tree.
string bug_queue_label = 1;
// AlertStreams are tree names that a sheriffing view for a tree should pull
// from. The terminology here is a little weird since a "Sheriff-o-Matic
// tree" can technically pull from more than one "Gatekeeper/Analyzer tree".
repeated string alert_streams = 2;
// Tree stores the configuration for a single tree.
message Tree {
// Name is a unique string key to mark a specific tree. Should be lowercase
// and use only URL-safe characters.
string name = 1;
// DisplayName is a fancier name for the tree, which can include spaces,
// capitalization, and any other string fanciness.
string display_name = 2;
// Som can be set to tell Sheriff-o-Matic to load the tree into its UI and
// search for alerts.
SomCfg som = 3;
// StatusUrl is a URL for the Tree-Status app attached to this tree. This
// should eventually be replaced once we consolidate the Tree-Status app.
string status_url = 4;
// TreeCfg is the project level configuration for services which require
// knowledge of what a tree is.
message TreeCfg {
// Trees stores all of the trees specified in a configuration file.
repeated Tree trees = 1;