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This is an application designed to collect and analyze build/compile stats.

Deign Doc: Chromium build time profiler

default module in default/ dir

How to:

to generate trace-viewer contents $ cd default; go generate it will use ../third_party/catapult/tracing/bin/trace2html

to compile $ cd default; ../ goapp build

to run locally with dev_appserver (note: no service account available, so you couldn't fetch file from gs://chrome-goma-log) $ ./ goapp serve default (or $ cd default; ../ goapp serve )

to deploy to production $ ./ goapp deploy default (or $ cd default; ../ goapp deploy ) NOTE: Check ninja trace data after deploy. If it's not accessible, you must forget to generate trace-viewer contents (See the first item of this how-to). Re-generate it and deploy again.

to run gofmt $ cd default; ../ goapp fmt

$ goapp fmt logstore ninjalog

to run govet $ cd default; ../ goapp vet

$ goapp vet logstore ninjalog

to run test $ cd default; ../ goapp test

to read go documentation

$ ./ godoc $ ./ godoc (or $ ./ godoc -http :6060 and go to http://localhost:6060 )