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Design Doc: go/chopsui

This directory contains Polymer Web Components that are meant to be shared by Chrome Operations' application frontends.

chopsui/ has been published as the bower package “chopsui”.


infra repo

  • The chopsui directory in the infra repo

chopsui repo

  • A subdirectory mirror repo of the chopsui directory in the infra repo

Code changes should be done in the infra repo.

New versions of the chopsui bower package are published by pushing git tags. This should be done in the chopsui repo. See the Pushing a New Version section.

Documenting elements

Please add demos and documentation for elements as described in the polymer docs.

Check that your demo and documentation are working and correct by running:

polymer serve

then visit localhost:XXXX/components/chopsui/demo/my-el_demo.html

Pushing a New Version

New versions are published by pushing git version tags while in the chopsui repo. Bower will automatically detect a new version tag.


You need to be granted permission to push tags in the chopsui repo. if you don't have permission, please contact jojwang@, zhangtiff@, or seanmccullough@ for instructions on how to proceed.

Make a clone of the chopsui repo:

git clone

To test your elements, you will need to install polymer-cli:

npm install -g polymer-cli

You'll also need to fetch the node module and bower component dependencies specified specified in package.json and bower.json:

npm install
bower install

You can run the tests with:

polymer test

Make sure Chromium's depot_tools is in your path as well. Learn how to set up depot_tools here.

Push a new version tag

  1. Once the latest change (committed in the infra repo) for the new version has landed, switch to the chopsui repo.

  2. To view existing tags, run:

git tag
  1. Create a new version tag:
git tag v0.0.31 # replace 0.0.31 with an appropriate version number
  1. Push the new tag:
git push --tags

That's it! Now, when you run:

bower info chopsui

You should see the new version tag you just pushed listed under “Available versions”.