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Predator site

Predator is a culprit finder for Chrome crashes identified or reported on ClusterFuzz, Fracas, Cracas and UMA Sampling Profiler. Key features include:

  • Suggest suspected CLs for a Chrome crash which has a regression range.
    • For crashes on Fracas and Cracas, we use metadata to infer the regression range.
  • Suggest components for bug filing for all Chrome crashes/regressions.

Predator has dashboards to monitor results for all clients: Clusterfuzz (aarya@, mbarbella@): Fracas (jchinlee@): Cracas (ivanpe@): UMA Sampling Profiler (wittman@):

Integration with other systems

  • Predator is integrated with Fracas/Cracas to publicly-reported Chrome crashes. Analysis results are reported back to Fracas/Cracas and surface on Fracas/Cracas UI for stability sheriffs.

Code structure

  • analysis: Core of analysis, this directory is not dependent on any infra or google app engine libraries. The is the entry point which we create changelist_classifier to find suspected cls, component_classifier to find suspected components and project_classifier to find suspected project.
  • [app] (app): The App Engine modules to provide heuristic analysis of Predator.
  • scripts: Utility scripts to run locally on developer's workstation.
  • first_party: Libraries from sibling infra AppEngine app that Predator depends on, specifically including a few libs from Findit.
  • third_party: Third-party libraries that Predator depends on.


We welcome all contributions! Please refer to for more info.