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I made a change here, but my infra(_internal) code importing infra_libs doesn't see it!

Follow this:

  1. Land your CL changing packages/* first.

  2. Create & land another CL bumping version number (example). It's important to keep it separate CL such that it is never reverted.

  3. Watch gsubtreed-ed repo populated with your change and version bump:

  4. Find the hash of corresponding version bumping commit. (e.g., 0655bac8c4634b473040cfd80edd9e43f0997499). NOTE: this hash will almost certainly be different than the hash of the commit you landed in infra/infra repo.

  5. Now that you know (version, hash) tuple, bump the pin in bootstrap/deps.pyl by following rolling-the-version-of-wheel. It sometimes doesn't work from the first try, but at least CQ dry run can test it for you. (example CL)

  6. And if you import infra_libs in infra_internal repo, you'll also need to roll infra to infra_internal (example), yes, manually :(