Monorail pRPC API

This directory holds all the source for the Monorail pRPC API. This API is implemented using .proto files to describe a gRPC interface (services, methods, and request/response messages). It then uses a shim which converts the gRPC server (which doesn't work on AppEngine, due to lack of support for HTTP/2) into a pRPC server which supports communication over HTTP/1.1, as well as text and JSON IO.

Getting Started

In order to make API requests, your client needs to either:

  • Present an OAuth token generated by an allowed client ID or email.
  • Provide a XSRF token.
  • [For local dev only] Send a test account header, as used by test_call described below.

Making requests

You can make anonymous requests to a server running locally like this:

$ ./api/test_call monorail.Users GetUser '{"email": ""}'

Requests that require a signed-in user can be tested locally like this:

$ ./api/test_call monorail.Issues GetIssue \
  '{"issue_ref": {"project_name": "rutabaga", "local_id": 1}}' \

API Documentation

All methods, request parameters, and responses are documented in ./api_proto.


Regenerating Python from Protocol Buffers

In order to regenerate the python server and client stubs from the .proto files, run this command:

$ make prpc_proto_v0