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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Code to support project and user activies pages."""
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import absolute_import
import logging
import time
import ezt
from framework import framework_constants
from framework import framework_helpers
from framework import framework_views
from framework import sql
from framework import template_helpers
from framework import timestr
from project import project_views
from proto import tracker_pb2
from tracker import tracker_helpers
from tracker import tracker_views
class ActivityView(template_helpers.PBProxy):
"""EZT-friendly wrapper for Activities."""
_TITLE_TEMPLATE = template_helpers.MonorailTemplate(
framework_constants.TEMPLATE_PATH + 'features/activity-title.ezt',
compress_whitespace=True, base_format=ezt.FORMAT_HTML)
_BODY_TEMPLATE = template_helpers.MonorailTemplate(
framework_constants.TEMPLATE_PATH + 'features/activity-body.ezt',
compress_whitespace=True, base_format=ezt.FORMAT_HTML)
def __init__(
self, pb, mr, prefetched_issues, users_by_id,
prefetched_projects, prefetched_configs,
autolink=None, all_ref_artifacts=None, ending=None, highlight=None):
"""Constructs an ActivityView out of an Activity protocol buffer.
pb: an IssueComment or Activity protocol buffer.
mr: HTTP request info, used by the artifact autolink.
prefetched_issues: dictionary of the issues for the comments being shown.
users_by_id: dict {user_id: UserView} for all relevant users.
prefetched_projects: dict {project_id: project} including all the projects
that we might need.
prefetched_configs: dict {project_id: config} for those projects.
autolink: Autolink instance.
all_ref_artifacts: list of all artifacts in the activity stream.
ending: ending type for activity titles, 'in_project' or 'by_user'
highlight: what to highlight in the middle column on user updates pages
i.e. 'project', 'user', or None
template_helpers.PBProxy.__init__(self, pb)
activity_type = 'ProjectIssueUpdate' # TODO(jrobbins): more types
self.comment = None
self.issue = None
self.field_changed = None
self.multiple_fields_changed = ezt.boolean(False)
self.project = None
self.user = None
self.timestamp = time.time() # Bogus value makes bad ones highly visible.
if isinstance(pb, tracker_pb2.IssueComment):
self.timestamp = pb.timestamp
issue = prefetched_issues[pb.issue_id]
if self.timestamp == issue.opened_timestamp:
issue_change_id = None # This comment is the description.
issue_change_id = pb.timestamp # instead of seq num.
self.comment = tracker_views.IssueCommentView(
mr.project_name, pb, users_by_id, autolink,
all_ref_artifacts, mr, issue)
# TODO(jrobbins): pass effective_ids of the commenter so that they
# can be identified as a project member or not.
config = prefetched_configs[issue.project_id]
self.issue = tracker_views.IssueView(issue, users_by_id, config)
self.user = self.comment.creator
project = prefetched_projects[issue.project_id]
self.project_name = project.project_name
self.project = project_views.ProjectView(project)
logging.warn('unknown activity object %r', pb)
nested_page_data = {
'activity_type': activity_type,
'issue_change_id': issue_change_id,
'comment': self.comment,
'issue': self.issue,
'project': self.project,
'user': self.user,
'timestamp': self.timestamp,
'ending_type': ending,
self.escaped_title = self._TITLE_TEMPLATE.GetResponse(
self.escaped_body = self._BODY_TEMPLATE.GetResponse(
if autolink is not None and all_ref_artifacts is not None:
# TODO(jrobbins): actually parse the comment text. Actually render runs.
runs = autolink.MarkupAutolinks(
mr, [template_helpers.TextRun(self.escaped_body)], all_ref_artifacts)
self.escaped_body = ''.join(run.content for run in runs)
self.date_bucket, self.date_relative = timestr.GetHumanScaleDate(
time_tuple = time.localtime(self.timestamp)
self.date_tooltip = time.asctime(time_tuple)
# We always highlight the user for starring activities
if activity_type.startswith('UserStar'):
self.highlight = 'user'
self.highlight = highlight
def GatherUpdatesData(
services, mr, project_ids=None, user_ids=None, ending=None,
updates_page_url=None, autolink=None, highlight=None):
"""Gathers and returns updates data.
services: Connections to backend services.
mr: HTTP request info, used by the artifact autolink.
project_ids: List of project IDs we want updates for.
user_ids: List of user IDs we want updates for.
ending: Ending type for activity titles, 'in_project' or 'by_user'.
updates_page_url: The URL that will be used to create pagination links from.
autolink: Autolink instance.
highlight: What to highlight in the middle column on user updates pages
i.e. 'project', 'user', or None.
# num should be non-negative number
num = mr.GetPositiveIntParam('num', UPDATES_PER_PAGE)
num = min(num, MAX_UPDATES_PER_PAGE)
updates_data = {
'no_stars': None,
'no_activities': None,
'pagination': None,
'updates_data': None,
'ending_type': ending,
if not user_ids and not project_ids:
updates_data['no_stars'] = ezt.boolean(True)
return updates_data
ascending = bool(mr.after)
with mr.profiler.Phase('get activities'):
comments = services.issue.GetIssueActivity(mr.cnxn, num=num,
before=mr.before, after=mr.after, project_ids=project_ids,
user_ids=user_ids, ascending=ascending)
# Filter the comments based on permission to view the issue.
# TODO(jrobbins): push permission checking in the query so that
# pagination pages never become underfilled, or use backends to shard.
# TODO(jrobbins): come back to this when I implement private comments.
# TODO(jrobbins): it would be better if we could just get the dict directly.
prefetched_issues_list = services.issue.GetIssues(
mr.cnxn, {c.issue_id for c in comments})
prefetched_issues = {
issue.issue_id: issue for issue in prefetched_issues_list}
needed_project_ids = {issue.project_id for issue
in prefetched_issues_list}
prefetched_projects = services.project.GetProjects(
mr.cnxn, needed_project_ids)
prefetched_configs = services.config.GetProjectConfigs(
mr.cnxn, needed_project_ids)
viewable_issues_list = tracker_helpers.FilterOutNonViewableIssues(
mr.auth.effective_ids, mr.auth.user_pb, prefetched_projects,
prefetched_configs, prefetched_issues_list)
viewable_iids = {issue.issue_id for issue in viewable_issues_list}
comments = [
c for c in comments if c.issue_id in viewable_iids]
if ascending:
amendment_user_ids = []
for comment in comments:
for amendment in comment.amendments:
users_by_id = framework_views.MakeAllUserViews(
mr.cnxn, services.user, [c.user_id for c in comments],
mr.cnxn, services, mr.auth, users_by_id, mr.project)
num_results_returned = len(comments)
displayed_activities = comments[:UPDATES_PER_PAGE]
if not num_results_returned:
updates_data['no_activities'] = ezt.boolean(True)
return updates_data
# Get all referenced artifacts first
all_ref_artifacts = None
if autolink is not None:
content_list = []
for activity in comments:
all_ref_artifacts = autolink.GetAllReferencedArtifacts(
mr, content_list)
# Now process content and gather activities
today = []
yesterday = []
pastweek = []
pastmonth = []
thisyear = []
older = []
with mr.profiler.Phase('rendering activities'):
for activity in displayed_activities:
entry = ActivityView(
activity, mr, prefetched_issues, users_by_id,
prefetched_projects, prefetched_configs,
autolink=autolink, all_ref_artifacts=all_ref_artifacts, ending=ending,
if entry.date_bucket == 'Today':
elif entry.date_bucket == 'Yesterday':
elif entry.date_bucket == 'Last 7 days':
elif entry.date_bucket == 'Last 30 days':
elif entry.date_bucket == 'Earlier this year':
elif entry.date_bucket == 'Before this year':
new_after = None
new_before = None
if displayed_activities:
new_after = displayed_activities[0].timestamp
new_before = displayed_activities[-1].timestamp
prev_url = None
next_url = None
if updates_page_url:
list_servlet_rel_url = updates_page_url.split('/')[-1]
recognized_params = [(name, mr.GetParam(name))
for name in framework_helpers.RECOGNIZED_PARAMS]
if displayed_activities and (mr.before or mr.after):
prev_url = framework_helpers.FormatURL(
recognized_params, list_servlet_rel_url, after=new_after)
if mr.after or len(comments) > UPDATES_PER_PAGE:
next_url = framework_helpers.FormatURL(
recognized_params, list_servlet_rel_url, before=new_before)
if prev_url or next_url:
pagination = template_helpers.EZTItem(
start=None, last=None, prev_url=prev_url, next_url=next_url,
reload_url=None, visible=ezt.boolean(True), total_count=None)
pagination = None
'no_activities': ezt.boolean(False),
'pagination': pagination,
'updates_data': template_helpers.EZTItem(
today=today, yesterday=yesterday, pastweek=pastweek,
pastmonth=pastmonth, thisyear=thisyear, older=older),
return updates_data