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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Classes to display hotlists in templates."""
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import absolute_import
import ezt
import logging
from framework import framework_helpers
from framework import permissions
from framework import template_helpers
class MemberView(object):
"""EZT-view of details of how a person is participating in a project."""
def __init__(self, logged_in_user_id, member_id, user_view, hotlist,
"""Initialize a MemberView with the given information.
logged_in_user_id: int user ID of the viewing user, or 0 for anon.
member_id: int user ID of the hotlist member being viewed.
user_ivew: UserView object for this member
hotlist: Hotlist PB for the currently viewed hotlist
effective_ids: optional set of user IDs for this user, if supplied
we show the highest role that they have via any group membership.
self.viewing_self = ezt.boolean(logged_in_user_id == member_id)
self.user = user_view
member_qs_param = user_view.user_id
self.detail_url = '/u/%s/' % member_qs_param
self.role = framework_helpers.GetHotlistRoleName(
effective_ids or {member_id}, hotlist)
class HotlistView(template_helpers.PBProxy):
"""Wrapper class that makes it easier to display a hotlist via EZT."""
def __init__(
self, hotlist_pb, perms, user_auth=None,
viewed_user_id=None, users_by_id=None, is_starred=False):
super(HotlistView, self).__init__(hotlist_pb)
self.visible = permissions.CanViewHotlist(
user_auth.effective_ids, perms, hotlist_pb)
self.access_is_private = ezt.boolean(hotlist_pb.is_private)
if not hotlist_pb.owner_ids: # Should never happen.
logging.error('Unowned Hotlist: id:%r, name:%r',
self.url = ''
owner_id = hotlist_pb.owner_ids[0] # only one owner allowed
owner = users_by_id[owner_id]
if owner.user.banned:
self.visible = False
if owner.obscure_email or not self.visible:
self.url = (
'/u/%d/hotlists/%s' % (owner_id,
self.url = (
'/u/%s/hotlists/%s' % (,
self.role_name = ''
if viewed_user_id in hotlist_pb.owner_ids:
self.role_name = 'owner'
elif any(effective_id in hotlist_pb.editor_ids for
effective_id in user_auth.effective_ids):
self.role_name = 'editor'
if users_by_id:
self.owners = [users_by_id[owner_id] for
owner_id in hotlist_pb.owner_ids]
self.editors = [users_by_id[editor_id] for
editor_id in hotlist_pb.editor_ids]
self.num_issues = len(hotlist_pb.items)
self.is_followed = ezt.boolean(user_auth.user_id in hotlist_pb.follower_ids)
# TODO(jojwang): if hotlist follower's will not be used, perhaps change
# from is_followed to is_member or just use is_starred
self.num_followers = len(hotlist_pb.follower_ids)
self.is_starred = ezt.boolean(is_starred)