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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Servlet for creating new hotlists."""
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import absolute_import
import logging
import time
import re
from features import hotlist_helpers
from framework import exceptions
from framework import flaskservlet
from framework import framework_bizobj
from framework import framework_helpers
from framework import permissions
from framework import servlet
from services import features_svc
_MSG_HOTLIST_NAME_NOT_AVAIL = 'You already have a hotlist with that name.'
_MSG_MISSING_HOTLIST_NAME = 'Missing hotlist name'
_MSG_INVALID_HOTLIST_NAME = 'Invalid hotlist name'
_MSG_MISSING_HOTLIST_SUMMARY = 'Missing hotlist summary'
_MSG_INVALID_ISSUES_INPUT = 'Issues input is invalid'
_MSG_INVALID_MEMBERS_INPUT = 'One or more editor emails is not valid.'
class HotlistCreate(servlet.Servlet):
"""HotlistCreate shows a simple page with a form to create a hotlist."""
_PAGE_TEMPLATE = 'features/hotlist-create-page.ezt'
def AssertBasePermission(self, mr):
"""Check whether the user has any permission to visit this page.
mr: commonly used info parsed from the request.
super(HotlistCreate, self).AssertBasePermission(mr)
if not permissions.CanCreateHotlist(mr.perms):
raise permissions.PermissionException(
'User is not allowed to create a hotlist.')
def GatherPageData(self, mr):
return {
'user_tab_mode': 'st6',
'initial_name': '',
'initial_summary': '',
'initial_description': '',
'initial_editors': '',
'initial_privacy': 'no',
def ProcessFormData(self, mr, post_data):
"""Process the hotlist create form.
mr: commonly used info parsed from the request.
post_data: The post_data dict for the current request.
String URL to redirect the user to after processing.
hotlist_name = post_data.get('hotlistname')
if not hotlist_name:
mr.errors.hotlistname = _MSG_MISSING_HOTLIST_NAME
elif not framework_bizobj.IsValidHotlistName(hotlist_name):
mr.errors.hotlistname = _MSG_INVALID_HOTLIST_NAME
summary = post_data.get('summary')
if not summary:
mr.errors.summary = _MSG_MISSING_HOTLIST_SUMMARY
description = post_data.get('description', '')
editors = post_data.get('editors', '')
editor_ids = []
if editors:
editor_emails = [
email.strip() for email in editors.split(',')]
editor_dict =, editor_emails)
editor_ids = list(editor_dict.values())
except exceptions.NoSuchUserException:
mr.errors.editors = _MSG_INVALID_MEMBERS_INPUT
# In case the logged-in user specifies themselves as an editor, ignore it.
editor_ids = [eid for eid in editor_ids if eid != mr.auth.user_id]
is_private = post_data.get('is_private')
if not mr.errors.AnyErrors():
hotlist =
mr.cnxn, hotlist_name, summary, description,
owner_ids=[mr.auth.user_id], editor_ids=editor_ids,
is_private=(is_private == 'yes'),
except features_svc.HotlistAlreadyExists:
mr.errors.hotlistname = _MSG_HOTLIST_NAME_NOT_AVAIL
if mr.errors.AnyErrors():
mr, initial_name=hotlist_name, initial_summary=summary,
initial_editors=editors, initial_privacy=is_private)
return framework_helpers.FormatAbsoluteURL(
mr, hotlist_helpers.GetURLOfHotlist(
mr.cnxn, hotlist,,
# def GetCreateHotlist(self, **kwargs):
# return self.handler(**kwargs)
# def PostCreateHotlist(self, **kwargs):
# return self.handler(**kwargs)