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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Page for showing a user's hotlists."""
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import absolute_import
import ezt
from features import features_bizobj
from features import hotlist_views
from framework import framework_views
from framework import servlet
from framework import flaskservlet
class UserHotlists(servlet.Servlet):
"""Servlet to display all of a user's hotlists."""
_PAGE_TEMPLATE = 'features/user-hotlists.ezt'
def GatherPageData(self, mr):
viewed_users_hotlists =
mr.cnxn, mr.viewed_user_auth.user_id)
viewed_starred_hids =
mr.cnxn, mr.viewed_user_auth.user_id)
viewed_users_starred_hotlists, _ =
mr.cnxn, viewed_starred_hids)
viewed_users_relevant_hotlists = viewed_users_hotlists + list(
set(viewed_users_starred_hotlists.values()) -
users_by_id = framework_views.MakeAllUserViews(
views = [hotlist_views.HotlistView(
hotlist_pb, mr.perms, mr.auth, mr.viewed_user_auth.user_id,
mr.cnxn, hotlist_pb.hotlist_id, mr.auth.user_id))
for hotlist_pb in viewed_users_relevant_hotlists]
# visible to viewer, not viewed_user
visible_hotlists = [view for view in views if view.visible]
owner_of_hotlists = [hotlist_view for hotlist_view in visible_hotlists
if hotlist_view.role_name == 'owner']
editor_of_hotlists = [hotlist_view for hotlist_view in visible_hotlists
if hotlist_view.role_name == 'editor']
follower_of_hotlists = [hotlist_view for hotlist_view in visible_hotlists
if hotlist_view.role_name == '']
starred_hotlists = [hotlist_view for hotlist_view in visible_hotlists
if hotlist_view.hotlist_id in viewed_starred_hids]
viewed_user_display_name = framework_views.GetViewedUserDisplayName(mr)
return {
'user_tab_mode': 'st6',
'viewed_user_display_name': viewed_user_display_name,
'owner_of_hotlists': owner_of_hotlists,
'editor_of_hotlists': editor_of_hotlists,
'follower_of_hotlists': follower_of_hotlists,
'starred_hotlists': starred_hotlists,
'viewing_user_page': ezt.boolean(True),
def GatherHelpData(self, mr, page_data):
"""Return a dict of values to drive on-page user help.
mr: common information parsed from the HTTP request.
page_data: Dictionary of base and page template data.
A dict of values to drive on-page user help, to be added to page_data.
help_data = super(UserHotlists, self).GatherHelpData(mr, page_data)
help_data['cue'] = 'explain_hotlist_starring'
return help_data
# def GetUserHotlistsPage(self, **kwargs):
# return self.handler(**kwargs)
# def PostUserHotlistsPage(self, **kwargs):
# return self.handler(**kwargs)