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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""View objects to help display projects in EZT."""
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import absolute_import
import logging
import time
import ezt
from framework import framework_constants
from framework import framework_helpers
from framework import permissions
from framework import template_helpers
from framework import timestr
from framework import urls
from proto import project_pb2
class ProjectAccessView(object):
"""Object for project access information that can be easily used in EZT."""
project_pb2.ProjectAccess.ANYONE: 'Anyone on the Internet',
project_pb2.ProjectAccess.MEMBERS_ONLY: 'Project Members',
def __init__(self, project_access_enum):
self.key = int(project_access_enum) = self.ACCESS_NAMES[project_access_enum]
class ProjectView(template_helpers.PBProxy):
"""View object to make it easy to display a search result in EZT."""
def __init__(self, pb, starred=False, now=None, num_stars=None,
super(ProjectView, self).__init__(pb)
self.limited_summary = template_helpers.FitUnsafeText(
pb.summary, self._MAX_SUMMARY_CHARS)
self.limited_description = template_helpers.FitUnsafeText(
pb.description, self._LIMITED_DESCRIPTION_CHARS)
self.state_name = str(pb.state) # Gives the enum name
self.relative_home_url = '/p/%s' % pb.project_name
if now is None:
now = time.time()
last_full_hour = now - (now % framework_constants.SECS_PER_HOUR)
self.cached_content_timestamp = max(
pb.cached_content_timestamp, last_full_hour)
self.last_updated_exists = ezt.boolean(pb.recent_activity)
course_grain, fine_grain = timestr.GetHumanScaleDate(pb.recent_activity)
if course_grain == 'Older':
self.recent_activity = fine_grain
self.recent_activity = course_grain
self.starred = ezt.boolean(starred)
self.num_stars = num_stars
self.plural = '' if num_stars == 1 else 's'
self.membership_desc = membership_desc
class MemberView(object):
"""EZT-view of details of how a person is participating in a project."""
def __init__(
self, logged_in_user_id, member_id, user_view, project,
project_commitments, effective_ids=None, ac_exclusion=False,
no_expand=False, is_group=False):
"""Initialize a MemberView with the given information.
logged_in_user_id: int user ID of the viewing user, or 0 for anon.
member_id: int user ID of the project member being viewed.
user_view: UserView object for this member.
project: Project PB for the currently viewed project.
project_commitments: ProjectCommitments PB for the currently viewed
project, or None if commitments are not to be displayed.
effective_ids: optional set of user IDs for this user, if supplied
we show the highest role that they have via any group membership.
ac_exclusion: True when this member should not be in autocomplete.
no_expand: True for user groups that should not expand when generating
autocomplete options.
is_group: True if this user is actually a user group.
self.viewing_self = ezt.boolean(logged_in_user_id == member_id)
self.user = user_view
member_qs_param = user_view.user_id
self.detail_url = '/p/%s%s?u=%s' % (
project.project_name, urls.PEOPLE_DETAIL, member_qs_param)
self.role = framework_helpers.GetRoleName(
effective_ids or {member_id}, project)
self.extra_perms = permissions.GetExtraPerms(project, member_id)
self.notes = None
if project_commitments is not None:
for commitment in project_commitments.commitments:
if commitment.member_id == member_id:
self.notes = commitment.notes
# Attributes needed by
self.labels = []
self.derived_labels = []
self.ac_include = ezt.boolean(not ac_exclusion)
self.ac_expand = ezt.boolean(not no_expand)
self.is_group = ezt.boolean(is_group)
self.is_service_account = ezt.boolean(framework_helpers.IsServiceAccount(