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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Protocol buffers for Monorail projects."""
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import absolute_import
from protorpc import messages
# Project state affects permissions in that project, and project deletion.
# It is edited on the project admin page. If it is anything other that LIVE
# it triggers a notice at the top of every project page.
# For more info, see the "Project deletion in Monorail" design doc.
class ProjectState(messages.Enum):
"""Enum for states in the project lifecycle."""
# Project is visible and indexed. This is the typical state.
# If moved_to is set, this project is live but has been moved
# to another location, so redirects will be used or links shown.
LIVE = 1
# Project owner has requested the project be archived. Project is
# read-only to members only, off-limits to non-members. Issues
# can be searched when in the project, but should not appear in
# site-wide searches. The project name is still in-use by this
# project.
# If a delete_time is set, then the project is doomed: (1) the
# state can only be changed by a site admin, and (2) the project
# will automatically transition to DELETABLE after that time is
# reached.
# Project can be deleted at any time. The project name should
# have already been changed to a generated string, so it's
# impossible to navigate to this project, and the original name
# can be reused by a new project.
# Project access affects permissions in that project.
# It is edited on the project admin page.
class ProjectAccess(messages.Enum):
"""Enum for possible project access levels."""
# Anyone may view this project, even anonymous users.
# Only project members may view the project.
# A Project PB represents a project in Monorail, which is a workspace for
# project members to collaborate on issues.
# A project is created on the project creation page, searched on the project
# list page, and edited on the project admin page.
# Next message: 74
class Project(messages.Message):
"""This protocol buffer holds all the metadata associated with a project."""
state = messages.EnumField(ProjectState, 1, required=True)
access = messages.EnumField(ProjectAccess, 18, default=ProjectAccess.ANYONE)
# The short identifier for this project. This value is lower-cased,
# and must be between 3 and 20 characters (inclusive). Alphanumeric
# and dashes are allowed, and it must start with an alpha character.
# Project names must be unique.
project_name = messages.StringField(2, required=True)
# A numeric identifier for this project.
project_id = messages.IntegerField(3, required=True)
# A one-line summary (human-readable) name of the project.
summary = messages.StringField(4, default='')
# A detailed description of the project.
description = messages.StringField(5, default='')
# Description of why this project has the state set as it is.
# This is used for administrative purposes to notify Owners that we
# are going to delete their project unless they can provide a good
# reason to not do so.
state_reason = messages.StringField(9)
# Time (in seconds) at which an ARCHIVED project may automatically
# be changed to state DELETABLE. The state change is done by a
# cron job.
delete_time = messages.IntegerField(10)
# Note that these lists are disjoint (a user ID will not appear twice).
owner_ids = messages.IntegerField(11, repeated=True)
committer_ids = messages.IntegerField(12, repeated=True)
contributor_ids = messages.IntegerField(15, repeated=True)
class ExtraPerms(messages.Message):
"""Nested message for each member's extra permissions in a project."""
member_id = messages.IntegerField(1, required=True)
# Each custom perm is a single word [a-zA-Z0-9].
perms = messages.StringField(2, repeated=True)
extra_perms = messages.MessageField(ExtraPerms, 16, repeated=True)
# Project owners may choose to have ALL issue change notifications go to a
# mailing list (in addition to going directly to the users interested
# in that issue).
issue_notify_address = messages.StringField(14)
# These fields keep track of the cumulative size of all issue attachments
# in a given project. Normally, the number of bytes used is compared
# to a constant defined in the web application. However, if a custom
# quota is specified here, it will be used instead. An issue attachment
# will fail if its size would put the project over its quota. Not all
# projects have these fields: they are only set when the first attachment
# is uploaded.
attachment_bytes_used = messages.IntegerField(38, default=0)
# If quota is not set, default from is used.
attachment_quota = messages.IntegerField(39)
# NOTE: open slots 40, 41
# Recent_activity is a timestamp (in seconds since the Epoch) of the
# last time that an issue was entered, updated, or commented on.
recent_activity = messages.IntegerField(42, default=0)
# NOTE: open slots 43...
# Timestamp (in seconds since the Epoch) of the most recent change
# to this project that would invalidate cached content. It is set
# whenever project membership is edited, or any component config PB
# is edited. HTTP requests for auto-complete feeds include this
# value in the URL.
cached_content_timestamp = messages.IntegerField(53, default=0)
# If set, this project has been moved elsewhere. This can
# be an absolute URL, the name of another project on the same site.
moved_to = messages.StringField(60)
# Enable inbound email processing for issues.
process_inbound_email = messages.BooleanField(63, default=False)
# Limit removal of Restrict-* labels to project owners.
only_owners_remove_restrictions = messages.BooleanField(64, default=False)
# A per-project read-only lock. This lock (1) is meant to be
# long-lived (lasting as long as migration operations, project
# deletion, or anything else might take and (2) is meant to only
# limit user mutations; whether or not it limits automated actions
# that would change project data (such as workflow items) is
# determined based on the action.
# This lock is implemented as a user-visible string describing the
# reason for the project being in a read-only state. An absent or empty
# value indicates that the project is read-write; a present and
# non-empty value indicates that the project is read-only for the
# reason described.
read_only_reason = messages.StringField(65)
# This option is rarely used, but it makes sense for projects that aim for
# hub-and-spoke collaboration bewtween a vendor organization (like Google)
# and representatives of partner companies who are not supposed to know
# about each other.
# When true, it prevents project committers, contributors, and visitors
# from seeing the list of project members on the project summary page,
# on the People list page, and in autocomplete for issue owner and Cc.
# Project owners can always see the complete list of project members.
only_owners_see_contributors = messages.BooleanField(66, default=False)
# This configures the URLs generated when autolinking revision numbers.
# E.g., gitiles, viewvc, or
revision_url_format = messages.StringField(67)
# The home page of the Project.
home_page = messages.StringField(68)
# The url to redirect to for wiki/documentation links.
docs_url = messages.StringField(71)
# The url to redirect to for wiki/documentation links.
source_url = messages.StringField(72)
# The GCS object ID of the Project's logo.
logo_gcs_id = messages.StringField(69)
# The uploaded file name of the Project's logo.
logo_file_name = messages.StringField(70)
# Always send the full content of update in notifications.
issue_notify_always_detailed = messages.BooleanField(73, default=False)
# This PB documents some of the duties of some of the members
# in a given project. This info is displayed on the project People page.
class ProjectCommitments(messages.Message):
project_id = messages.IntegerField(50)
class MemberCommitment(messages.Message):
member_id = messages.IntegerField(11, required=True)
notes = messages.StringField(13)
commitments = messages.MessageField(MemberCommitment, 2, repeated=True)
def MakeProject(
project_name, project_id=None, state=ProjectState.LIVE,
access=ProjectAccess.ANYONE, summary=None, description=None,
moved_to=None, cached_content_timestamp=None,
owner_ids=None, committer_ids=None, contributor_ids=None,
read_only_reason=None, home_page=None, docs_url=None, source_url=None,
logo_gcs_id=None, logo_file_name=None):
"""Returns a project protocol buffer with the given attributes."""
project = Project(
project_name=project_name, access=access, state=state)
if project_id:
project.project_id = project_id
if moved_to:
project.moved_to = moved_to
if cached_content_timestamp:
project.cached_content_timestamp = cached_content_timestamp
if summary:
project.summary = summary
if description:
project.description = description
if home_page:
project.home_page = home_page
if docs_url:
project.docs_url = docs_url
if source_url:
project.source_url = source_url
if logo_gcs_id:
project.logo_gcs_id = logo_gcs_id
if logo_file_name:
project.logo_file_name = logo_file_name
project.owner_ids.extend(owner_ids or [])
project.committer_ids.extend(committer_ids or [])
project.contributor_ids.extend(contributor_ids or [])
if read_only_reason is not None:
project.read_only_reason = read_only_reason
return project