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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""A set of helpers functions for fulltext search."""
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import absolute_import
import logging
from google.appengine.api import search
import settings
from proto import ast_pb2
from proto import tracker_pb2
from search import query2ast
# GAE search API can only respond with 500 results per call.
def BuildFTSQuery(query_ast_conj, fulltext_fields):
"""Convert a Monorail query AST into a GAE search query string.
query_ast_conj: a Conjunction PB with a list of Comparison PBs that each
have operator, field definitions, string values, and int values.
All Conditions should be AND'd together.
fulltext_fields: a list of string names of fields that may exist in the
fulltext documents. E.g., issue fulltext documents have a "summary"
A string that can be passed to AppEngine's search API. Or, None if there
were no fulltext conditions, so no fulltext search should be done.
fulltext_parts = [
_BuildFTSCondition(cond, fulltext_fields)
for cond in query_ast_conj.conds]
if any(fulltext_parts):
return ' '.join(fulltext_parts)
return None
def _BuildFTSCondition(cond, fulltext_fields):
"""Convert one query AST condition into a GAE search query string."""
if cond.op == ast_pb2.QueryOp.NOT_TEXT_HAS:
neg = 'NOT '
elif cond.op == ast_pb2.QueryOp.TEXT_HAS:
neg = ''
return '' # FTS only looks at TEXT_HAS and NOT_TEXT_HAS
parts = []
for fd in cond.field_defs:
if fd.field_name in fulltext_fields:
pattern = fd.field_name + ':"%s"'
elif fd.field_name == ast_pb2.ANY_FIELD:
pattern = '"%s"'
elif fd.field_id and fd.field_type == tracker_pb2.FieldTypes.STR_TYPE:
pattern = 'custom_' + str(fd.field_id) + ':"%s"'
pattern = 'pylint does not handle else-continue'
continue # This issue field is searched via SQL.
for value in cond.str_values:
# Strip out quotes around the value.
value = value.strip('"')
special_prefixes_match = any(
value.startswith(p) for p in query2ast.NON_OP_PREFIXES)
if not special_prefixes_match:
value = value.replace(':', ' ')
assert ('"' not in value), 'Value %r has a quote in it' % value
parts.append(pattern % value)
if parts:
return neg + '(%s)' % ' OR '.join(parts)
return '' # None of the fields were fulltext fields.
def ComprehensiveSearch(fulltext_query, index_name):
"""Call the GAE search API, and keep calling it to get all results.
fulltext_query: string in the GAE search API query language.
index_name: string name of the GAE fulltext index to hit.
A list of integer issue IIDs or project IDs.
search_index = search.Index(name=index_name)
response =
limit=_SEARCH_RESULT_CHUNK_SIZE, returned_fields=[], ids_only=True,
except ValueError as e:
raise query2ast.InvalidQueryError(e.message)'got %d initial results', len(response.results))
ids = [int(result.doc_id) for result in response]
remaining_iterations = int(
(settings.fulltext_limit_per_shard - 1) // _SEARCH_RESULT_CHUNK_SIZE)
for _ in range(remaining_iterations):
if not response.cursor:
response =
limit=_SEARCH_RESULT_CHUNK_SIZE, returned_fields=[], ids_only=True,
'got %d more results: %r', len(response.results), response.results)
ids.extend(int(result.doc_id) for result in response)'FTS result ids %d', len(ids))
return ids