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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Service manager to initialize all services."""
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import absolute_import
from features import autolink
from services import cachemanager_svc
from services import chart_svc
from services import config_svc
from services import features_svc
from services import issue_svc
from services import project_svc
from services import spam_svc
from services import star_svc
from services import template_svc
from services import user_svc
from services import usergroup_svc
svcs = None
class Services(object):
"""A simple container for widely-used service objects."""
def __init__(
self, project=None, user=None, issue=None, config=None,
usergroup=None, cache_manager=None, autolink_obj=None,
user_star=None, project_star=None, issue_star=None, features=None,
spam=None, hotlist_star=None, chart=None, template=None):
# Persistence services
self.project = project
self.user = user
self.usergroup = usergroup
self.issue = issue
self.config = config
self.user_star = user_star
self.project_star = project_star
self.hotlist_star = hotlist_star
self.issue_star = issue_star
self.features = features
self.template = template
# Misc. services
self.cache_manager = cache_manager
self.autolink = autolink_obj
self.spam = spam
self.chart = chart
def set_up_services():
"""Set up all services."""
global svcs
if svcs is None:
# Sorted as: cache_manager first, everything which depends on it,
# issue (which depends on project and config), things with no deps.
cache_manager = cachemanager_svc.CacheManager()
config = config_svc.ConfigService(cache_manager)
features = features_svc.FeaturesService(cache_manager, config)
hotlist_star = star_svc.HotlistStarService(cache_manager)
issue_star = star_svc.IssueStarService(cache_manager)
project = project_svc.ProjectService(cache_manager)
project_star = star_svc.ProjectStarService(cache_manager)
user = user_svc.UserService(cache_manager)
user_star = star_svc.UserStarService(cache_manager)
usergroup = usergroup_svc.UserGroupService(cache_manager)
chart = chart_svc.ChartService(config)
issue = issue_svc.IssueService(project, config, cache_manager, chart)
autolink_obj = autolink.Autolink()
spam = spam_svc.SpamService()
template = template_svc.TemplateService(cache_manager)
svcs = Services(
cache_manager=cache_manager, config=config, features=features,
issue_star=issue_star, project=project, project_star=project_star,
user=user, user_star=user_star, usergroup=usergroup, issue=issue,
autolink_obj=autolink_obj, spam=spam, hotlist_star=hotlist_star,
chart=chart, template=template)
return svcs