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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""A set of functions that provide fulltext search for issues."""
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import absolute_import
import collections
import logging
import time
from six import string_types
from google.appengine.api import search
import settings
from framework import framework_constants
from framework import framework_helpers
from framework import framework_views
from services import fulltext_helpers
from tracker import tracker_bizobj
# When updating and re-indexing all issues in a project, work in batches
# of this size to manage memory usage and avoid rpc timeouts.
# The user can search for text that occurs specifically in these
# parts of an issue.
ISSUE_FULLTEXT_FIELDS = ['summary', 'description', 'comment']
# Note: issue documents also contain a "metadata" field, but we do not
# expose that to users. Issue metadata can be searched in a structured way
# by giving a specific field name such as "owner:" or "status:". The metadata
# search field exists only for fulltext queries that do not specify any field.
def IndexIssues(cnxn, issues, user_service, issue_service, config_service):
"""(Re)index all the given issues.
cnxn: connection to SQL database.
issues: list of Issue PBs to index.
user_service: interface to user data storage.
issue_service: interface to issue data storage.
config_service: interface to configuration data storage.
issues = list(issues)
config_dict = config_service.GetProjectConfigs(
cnxn, {issue.project_id for issue in issues})
for start in range(0, len(issues), _INDEX_BATCH_SIZE):'indexing issues: %d remaining', len(issues) - start)
cnxn, issues[start:start + _INDEX_BATCH_SIZE], user_service,
issue_service, config_dict)
def _IndexIssueBatch(cnxn, issues, user_service, issue_service, config_dict):
"""Internal method to (re)index the given batch of issues.
cnxn: connection to SQL database.
issues: list of Issue PBs to index.
user_service: interface to user data storage.
issue_service: interface to issue data storage.
config_dict: dict {project_id: config} for all the projects that
the given issues are in.
user_ids = tracker_bizobj.UsersInvolvedInIssues(issues)
comments_dict = issue_service.GetCommentsForIssues(
cnxn, [issue.issue_id for issue in issues])
for comments in comments_dict.values():
user_ids.update([ic.user_id for ic in comments])
users_by_id = framework_views.MakeAllUserViews(
cnxn, user_service, user_ids)
_CreateIssueSearchDocuments(issues, comments_dict, users_by_id, config_dict)
def _CreateIssueSearchDocuments(
issues, comments_dict, users_by_id, config_dict):
"""Make the GAE search index documents for the given issue batch.
issues: list of issues to index.
comments_dict: prefetched dictionary of comments on those issues.
users_by_id: dictionary {user_id: UserView} so that the email
addresses of users who left comments can be found via search.
config_dict: dict {project_id: config} for all the projects that
the given issues are in.
documents_by_shard = collections.defaultdict(list)
for issue in issues:
summary = issue.summary
# TODO(jrobbins): allow search specifically on explicit vs derived
# fields.
owner_id = tracker_bizobj.GetOwnerId(issue)
owner_email = users_by_id[owner_id].email
config = config_dict[issue.project_id]
component_paths = []
for component_id in issue.component_ids:
cd = tracker_bizobj.FindComponentDefByID(component_id, config)
if cd:
field_values = [tracker_bizobj.GetFieldValue(fv, users_by_id)
for fv in issue.field_values]
# Convert to string only the values that are not strings already.
# This is done because the default encoding in appengine seems to be 'ascii'
# and string values might contain unicode characters, so str will fail to
# encode them.
field_values = [value if isinstance(value, string_types) else str(value)
for value in field_values]
metadata = '%s %s %s %s %s %s' % (
[users_by_id[cc_id].email for cc_id in
' '.join(component_paths),
' '.join(field_values),
' '.join(tracker_bizobj.GetLabels(issue)))
custom_fields = _BuildCustomFTSFields(issue)
comments = comments_dict.get(issue.issue_id, [])
room_for_comments = (framework_constants.MAX_FTS_FIELD_SIZE -
len(summary) -
len(metadata) -
sum(len(cf.value) for cf in custom_fields))
comments = _IndexableComments(
comments, users_by_id, remaining_chars=room_for_comments)'len(comments) is %r', len(comments))
if comments:
description = _ExtractCommentText(comments[0], users_by_id)
description = description[:framework_constants.MAX_FTS_FIELD_SIZE]
all_comments = ' '. join(
_ExtractCommentText(c, users_by_id) for c in comments[1:])
all_comments = all_comments[:framework_constants.MAX_FTS_FIELD_SIZE]
description = ''
all_comments = ''
'Issue %s:%r has zero indexable comments',
issue.project_name, issue.local_id)'Building document for %s:%d',
issue.project_name, issue.local_id)'len(summary) = %d', len(summary))'len(metadata) = %d', len(metadata))'len(description) = %d', len(description))'len(comment) = %d', len(all_comments))
for cf in custom_fields:'len(%s) = %d',, len(cf.value))
doc = search.Document(
search.NumberField(name='project_id', value=issue.project_id),
search.TextField(name='summary', value=summary),
search.TextField(name='metadata', value=metadata),
search.TextField(name='description', value=description),
search.TextField(name='comment', value=all_comments),
] + custom_fields)
shard_id = issue.issue_id % settings.num_logical_shards
start_time = time.time()
promises = []
for shard_id, documents in documents_by_shard.items():
if documents:
_IndexDocsInShard, shard_id, documents))
for promise in promises:
promise.WaitAndGetValue()'Finished %d indexing in shards in %d ms',
len(documents_by_shard), int((time.time() - start_time) * 1000))
def _IndexableComments(comments, users_by_id, remaining_chars=None):
"""We only index the comments that are not deleted or banned.
comments: list of Comment PBs for one issue.
users_by_id: Dict of (user_id -> UserView) for all users.
remaining_chars: number of characters available for comment text
without hitting the GAE search index max document size.
A list of comments filtered to not have any deleted comments or
comments from banned users. If the issue has a huge number of
comments, only a certain number of the first and last comments
are actually indexed.
if remaining_chars is None:
remaining_chars = framework_constants.MAX_FTS_FIELD_SIZE
allowed_comments = []
for comment in comments:
user_view = users_by_id.get(comment.user_id)
if not (comment.deleted_by or (user_view and user_view.banned)):
if comment.is_description and allowed_comments:
# index the latest description, but not older descriptions
allowed_comments[0] = comment
reasonable_size = (framework_constants.INITIAL_COMMENTS_TO_INDEX +
if len(allowed_comments) <= reasonable_size:
candidates = allowed_comments
candidates = ( # Prioritize the description and recent comments.
allowed_comments[0:1] +
allowed_comments[-framework_constants.FINAL_COMMENTS_TO_INDEX:] +
total_length = 0
result = []
for comment in candidates:
total_length += len(comment.content)
if total_length > remaining_chars:
return result
def _IndexDocsInShard(shard_id, documents):
search_index = search.Index(
name=settings.search_index_name_format % shard_id)
search_index.put(documents)'FTS indexed %d docs in shard %d', len(documents), shard_id)
# TODO(jrobbins): catch OverQuotaError and add the issues to the
# ReindexQueue table instead.
def _ExtractCommentText(comment, users_by_id):
"""Return a string with all the searchable text of the given Comment PB."""
commenter_email = users_by_id[comment.user_id].email
return '%s %s %s' % (
' '.join(attach.filename
for attach in comment.attachments
if not attach.deleted))
def _BuildCustomFTSFields(issue):
"""Return a list of FTS Fields to index string-valued custom fields."""
fts_fields = []
for fv in issue.field_values:
if fv.str_value:
# TODO(jrobbins): also indicate which were derived vs. explicit.
# TODO(jrobbins): also toss in the email addresses of any users in
# user-valued custom fields, ints for int-valued fields, etc.
fts_field = search.TextField(
name='custom_%d' % fv.field_id, value=fv.str_value)
return fts_fields
def UnindexIssues(issue_ids):
"""Remove many issues from the sharded search indexes."""
iids_by_shard = {}
for issue_id in issue_ids:
shard_id = issue_id % settings.num_logical_shards
iids_by_shard.setdefault(shard_id, [])
for shard_id, iids_in_shard in iids_by_shard.items():
'unindexing %r issue_ids in %r', len(iids_in_shard), shard_id)
search_index = search.Index(
name=settings.search_index_name_format % shard_id)
search_index.delete([str(iid) for iid in iids_in_shard])
except search.Error:
logging.exception('FTS deletion failed')
def SearchIssueFullText(project_ids, query_ast_conj, shard_id):
"""Do full-text search in GAE FTS.
project_ids: list of project ID numbers to consider.
query_ast_conj: One conjuctive clause from the AST parsed
from the user's query.
shard_id: int shard ID for the shard to consider.
(issue_ids, capped) where issue_ids is a list of issue issue_ids that match
the full-text query. And, capped is True if the results were capped due to
an implementation limitation. Or, return (None, False) if the given AST
conjunction contains no full-text conditions.
fulltext_query = fulltext_helpers.BuildFTSQuery(
query_ast_conj, ISSUE_FULLTEXT_FIELDS)
if fulltext_query is None:
return None, False
if project_ids:
project_clause = ' OR '.join(
'project_id:%d' % pid for pid in project_ids)
fulltext_query = '(%s) %s' % (project_clause, fulltext_query)
# TODO(jrobbins): it would be good to also include some other
# structured search terms to narrow down the set of index
# documents considered. E.g., most queries are only over the
# open issues.'FTS query is %r', fulltext_query)
issue_ids = fulltext_helpers.ComprehensiveSearch(
fulltext_query, settings.search_index_name_format % shard_id)
capped = len(issue_ids) >= settings.fulltext_limit_per_shard
return issue_ids, capped