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[# Diplay a widget to choose project access level, or read-only text showing
the access level. Read-only text is used when the user does not have
permission to edit, or if there is only one available choice.
[define access_menu_was_shown]False[end]
[if-any read_only][else]
[if-any offer_access_level]
<select name="access" id="access">
<option value="" disabled="disabled" [if-any initial_access][else]selected="selected"[end]>
Select an access level...
[for available_access_levels]
<option value="[available_access_levels.key]"
[if-any initial_access]
[is initial_access.key available_access_levels.key]selected="selected"[end]
[define access_menu_was_shown]True[end]
[is access_menu_was_shown "False"]
<input type="hidden" name="access" value="[initial_access.key]">
<div class="formerror">
[if-any errors.access]
<div class="emphasis">[errors.access]</div>