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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2022 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
"""Script to launch the Monorail release tarball builder.
It can be used to build a tarball with Monorail code based on a release branch
(i.e. `refs/releases/monorail/...`). It triggers a go/monorail-release-tarballs
build that uploads the release tarball and triggers its deployment to
monorail-dev, after which it can be promoted to monorail-prod.
See go/monorail-deploy for more details.
import argparse
import json
import subprocess
import sys
from six.moves.urllib import error
from six.moves.urllib import request
TARBALL_BUILDER = 'infra-internal/monorail-release/monorail-release-tarballs'
def resolve_commit(ref):
"""Queries gitiles for a commit hash matching the given infra.git ref.
ref: a `refs/...` ref to resolve into a commit.
None if there's no such ref, a gitiles commit URL otherwise.
resp = request.urlopen('%s/+/%s?format=JSON' % (INFRA_GIT, ref))
except error.HTTPError as exc:
if exc.code == 404:
return None
# Gitiles JSON responses start with XSS-protection header.
blob =
if blob.startswith(b')]}\''):
blob = blob[4:]
commit = json.loads(blob)['commit']
return '%s/+/%s' % (INFRA_GIT, commit)
def ensure_logged_in():
"""Ensures `bb` tool is in PATH and the caller is logged in there.
True if logged in, False if not and we should abort.
proc =['bb', 'auth-info'], capture_output=True)
except OSError:
'Could not find `bb` tool in PATH. It comes with depot_tools. '
'Make sure depot_tools is in PATH and up-to-date, then try again.')
return False
if proc.returncode == 0:
return True # already logged in
# Launch interactive login process.
proc =['bb', 'auth-login'])
if proc.returncode != 0:
print('Failed to login')
return False
return True
def submit_build(ref, commit):
"""Submits a Monorail tarball builder build via `bb` tool.
ref: a `refs/...` ref with the code to build.
commit: a gitiles commit matching this ref.
None if failed, a URL to the pending build otherwise.
cmd = ['bb', 'add', '-json', '-ref', ref, '-commit', commit, TARBALL_BUILDER]
proc =, capture_output=True)
if proc.returncode != 0:
'Failed to schedule the build:\n%s'
% proc.stderr.decode('utf-8').strip())
return None
build_id = json.loads(proc.stdout)['id']
return '' % build_id
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Submits a request to build Monorail tarball for LUCI CD.')
'branch', type=str,
help='a branch to build from: refs/releases/monorail/<num> or just <num>')
'--silent', action='store_true',
help='disable interactive prompts')
args = parser.parse_args()
ref = args.branch
if not ref.startswith('refs/'):
ref = 'refs/releases/monorail/' + ref
# `bb add` call wants a concrete git commit SHA1 as input.
commit = resolve_commit(ref)
if not commit:
print('No such release branch: %s' % ref)
return 1
# Give a chance to confirm this is the commit we want to build.
if not args.silent:
'Will submit a request to build a Monorail code tarball from %s:\n'
' %s\n\n'
'You may be asked to sign in with your account if it is '
'the first time you are using this script.\n'
% (ref, commit)
if input('Proceed [Y/n]? ') not in ('', 'Y', 'y'):
return 0
# Submit the build via `bb` tool.
if not args.silent and not ensure_logged_in():
return 1
build_url = submit_build(ref, commit)
if not build_url:
return 1
'\nScheduled the build: %s\n'
'When it completes it will trigger deployment of this release to '
'monorail-dev. You can then promote it to production using the same '
'procedure as with regular releases built from `main` branch.\n'
'Note that if the produced release tarball is 100%% identical to any '
'previously built tarball (e.g. there were no cherry-picks into the '
'release branch since it was cut from `main`), an existing tarball and '
'its version name will be reused.'
% build_url
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':