GAE tarballs definitions

YAMLs here define how to “assemble” tarballs with files needed to deploy various GAE apps (one app per tarball).

These YAMLs are consumed by infra-gae-tarballs-continuous builder that continuously builds tarballs and uploads them to GCS. Whenever there's a new tarball (per its SHA256 hash), this builder prepares a roll CL to initiate the deployment process carried out by gae-deploy builder.

Building tarballs locally

To build a tarball locally without uploading it anywhere (e.g. to test newly added YAML):

# Make the directory with this as cwd.
cd build/gae

# Activate the infra go environment to get cloudbuildhelper in PATH.
eval `../../go/`

# Build the tarball locally (from logdog.yaml definition in this case).
cloudbuildhelper stage luci-go/logdog.yaml -output-tarball tb.tar.gz

# Extract the tarball to manually examine it.
mkdir output && cd output
tar -xvf ../tb.tar.gz

# Cleanup.
cd ..
rm -rf output
rm tb.tar.gz

Make sure all YAMLs with GAE configs are in the tarball. Notice their paths, they'll be needed when preparing infradata/gae configs.