Documentation in infra.git should cover these subjects:

  • Introductory material, to help newcomers use and contribute to the codebase.
  • Links to design documents, explaining decisions and overall structure. The point of these docs is to give a high-level view of the organisation and inner working.

How to edit these docs

These docs are in Markdown and rendered by Gitiles on the fly. To see the source of a file, click “source” link below any rendered page.

To see the exact preview of your changes, upload your CL to Gerrit, open it, click (gitiles) link to the right of “Commit”, open your file at that revision.

In-depth articles documents are stored in docs directory. When creating a new page, remember to add a link to it in the or users/ file.


  • For headers use # and ## instead of == and --.
  • Titling your links as “link” or “here” tells the reader precisely nothing when quickly scanning your doc and is a waste of space. Instead, write the sentence naturally, then go back and wrap the most appropriate phrase with the link.
  • See more at the internal Documenting page.

For Googlers

Please see internal Documenting page.