Using the infra.git repository

This page supposes that infra.git has been checked out and configured.

Top-level commands

  • Launching test runs all tests in the infra repository in parallel, including those in appengine/ dir. See testing for details.
  • is used to run a command located inside the infra package. See next section for details.

Invoking tools

Mixing modules and scripts in the same hierarchy can sometimes be a pain in Python, because it usually requires updating the Python path. The goal for infra.git is to be able to check out the repository and be able to run code right away, without setting up anything. The adopted solution is to use files everywhere.

Example: python -m will run the lkgr_finder script.

To make things easier, a convenience script is located at root level. This will do the same thing: It also provides some additional goodness, like listing all available tools (when invoked without any arguments), and allowing for autocompletion.

If you want to auto-complete, just run:

autoload -Uz bashcompinit

eval "$(/path/to/infra/ENV/bin/register-python-argcomplete"
eval "$(/path/to/infra/ENV/bin/register-python-argcomplete"

And that's it. You may want to put that in your .bashrc somewhere.

How it works on bots

It is not checked-out on bots yet (September 2014)