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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Package execs provides collection of execution functions for actions and ability to execute them.
package execs
import (
// ExecFunction represents an execution function of the action.
// The single exec can be associated with one or more actions.
type ExecFunction func(ctx context.Context, i *ExecInfo) error
var (
// Map of known exec functions used by recovery engine.
// Use Register() function to add to this map.
knownExecMap = make(map[string]ExecFunction)
// Register registers new exec function to be used with recovery engine.
// We panic if a name is reused.
func Register(name string, f ExecFunction) {
if _, ok := knownExecMap[name]; ok {
panic(fmt.Sprintf("Register exec %q: already registered", name))
if f == nil {
panic(fmt.Sprintf("register exec %q: exec function is not provided", name))
knownExecMap[name] = f
// RunArgs holds plan input arguments.
// Keep this type up to date with recovery.go:RunArgs .
// Also update recovery.go:runDUTPlans .
type RunArgs struct {
// Resource name targeted by plan.
ResourceName string
DUT *tlw.Dut
Access tlw.Access
// Logger prints message to the logs.
Logger logger.Logger
// Provide option to stop use steps.
ShowSteps bool
// Metrics records actions and observations.
Metrics metrics.Metrics
// EnableRecovery tells if recovery actions are enabled.
EnableRecovery bool
// SwarmingTaskID is the ID of the swarming task we're running under.
SwarmingTaskID string
// BuildbucketID is the ID of the buildbucket build we're running under.
BuildbucketID string
// LogRoot is an absolute path to a directory that contains logs.
LogRoot string
// ExecInfo holds all data required to run exec.
// The struct created every time new for each exec run.
type ExecInfo struct {
runArgs *RunArgs
// Name of exec.
name string
// Extra arguments specified per action for exec.
actionArgs []string
// Timeout specified per action.
actionTimeout time.Duration
// Metric assigned for the exec.
metric *metrics.Action
// Additional metrics created by the exec.
additionalMetrics []*metrics.Action
// NewExecInfo creates new instance of ExecInfo.
func NewExecInfo(runArgs *RunArgs, name string, actionArgs []string, actionTimeout time.Duration, metric *metrics.Action) *ExecInfo {
return &ExecInfo{
runArgs: runArgs,
name: name,
actionArgs: actionArgs,
actionTimeout: actionTimeout,
metric: metric,
// GetActiveResource returns what is active resource.
func (ei *ExecInfo) GetActiveResource() string {
if ei == nil || ei.runArgs == nil {
return ""
return ei.runArgs.ResourceName
// GetDut returns Dut.
func (ei *ExecInfo) GetDut() *tlw.Dut {
if ei == nil || ei.runArgs == nil {
return nil
return ei.runArgs.DUT
// GetAndroid returns Android device from DUT.
func (ei *ExecInfo) GetAndroid() *tlw.Android {
if ei == nil || ei.runArgs == nil || ei.runArgs.DUT == nil {
return nil
return ei.runArgs.DUT.GetAndroid()
// GetChromeos returns ChromeOS device from DUT.
func (ei *ExecInfo) GetChromeos() *tlw.ChromeOS {
if ei == nil || ei.runArgs == nil || ei.runArgs.DUT == nil {
return nil
return ei.runArgs.DUT.GetChromeos()
// GetMetrics returns Metrics.
func (ei *ExecInfo) GetMetrics() metrics.Metrics {
return ei.runArgs.Metrics
// GetExecArgs returns list of arguments provided for an exec.
func (ei *ExecInfo) GetExecArgs() []string {
return ei.actionArgs
// GetExecTimeout returns timeout specified for an exec.
func (ei *ExecInfo) GetExecTimeout() time.Duration {
return ei.actionTimeout
// GetAccess returns access to main interface.
func (ei *ExecInfo) GetAccess() tlw.Access {
return ei.runArgs.Access
// Run runs exec function provided by this package by name.
func Run(ctx context.Context, ei *ExecInfo) (rErr error) {
defer func() {
// Recovery from panic if it happened.
if r := recover(); r != nil {
log.Debugf(ctx, "Received panic: %v", r)
rErr = errors.Reason("panic: %v", r).Err()
e, ok := knownExecMap[]
if !ok {
return errors.Reason("exec %q: not found",
return e(ctx, ei)
// Exist check if exec function with name is present.
func Exist(name string) bool {
_, ok := knownExecMap[name]
return ok