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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package execs
import (
// AddObservation adds observation to the metric assigned to the current exec.
func (ei *ExecInfo) AddObservation(observation *metrics.Observation) {
logger := ei.NewLogger()
if ei.metric == nil {
logger.Debugf("Metric is not specified for the action.")
logger.Infof("Add observation: %#v", observation)
ei.metric.Observations = append(ei.metric.Observations, observation)
// NewMetric creates a new custom metric.
func (ei *ExecInfo) NewMetric(kind string) *metrics.Action {
// We do not check kind here as if it is empty then it will be rejected before saving.
metric := ei.runArgs.NewMetricsAction(kind)
ei.NewLogger().Debugf("Created new metrics for exec %q: %#v",, metric)
ei.additionalMetrics = append(ei.additionalMetrics, metric)
return metric
// NewMetricsAction creates a new metric.
func (a *RunArgs) NewMetricsAction(kind string) *metrics.Action {
metric := &metrics.Action{
ActionKind: kind,
StartTime: time.Now(),
SwarmingTaskID: a.SwarmingTaskID,
BuildbucketID: a.BuildbucketID,
Status: metrics.ActionStatusUnspecified,
if a.DUT != nil {
// TODO(b/248635230): Set asset tag instead of hostname.
metric.Hostname = a.DUT.Name
return metric
// GetAdditionalMetrics returns additional metrics created by execs.
func (ei *ExecInfo) GetAdditionalMetrics() []*metrics.Action {
return ei.additionalMetrics