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The 1.8 release included a log line to stderr about what config file is used
in every invocation. There is no way to disable this.
The 2.0 release inverted this behavior and added a --verbose flag so users can
opt-in to showing it (with the default changed back to not displaying).
Hack out the log line in these older versions as it's much simpler than trying
to backport the entire new command line framework.
--- a/pylint/
+++ b/pylint/
@@ -658,15 +658,6 @@ class OptionsManagerMixIn(object):
if not sect.isupper() and values:
parser._sections[sect.upper()] = values
- if self.quiet:
- return
- if use_config_file:
- msg = 'Using config file {0}'.format(os.path.abspath(config_file))
- else:
- msg = 'No config file found, using default configuration'
- print(msg, file=sys.stderr)
def load_config_file(self):
"""dispatch values previously read from a configuration file to each
options provider)