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This directory contains Web Components shared across Chrome Operations' application frontends.

Using chopsui components

Find the name of the specific component and install it within the @chopsui package scope. For example, to install chops-header, run npm install @chopsui/chops-header.


To set up project development:

  1. Clone this repo with git clone.
  2. Install dependencies with npm run bootstrap.
  3. Run tests with npm test.
  4. Run demos with npm start. The demos will be at http://localhost:8080/.

Publishing packages

ChopsUI packages are published publicly on npm under the @chopsui organization. To be added to this org, please send your npm username to zhangtiff@.

Each component is published under a separate npm package. Packages are managed using Lerna. All packages are published together using a single version number kept in the lerna.json file under the version key.

To publish, update the version number and run npx lerna publish.