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Workflow Testing

There are a couple requirements to testing your Dataflow workflow.

First, you must activate the infra Python environment. Assuming you have that set up already, run source ENV/bin/activate from the root of your infra checkout. If you need to set up or update your environment, see bootstrap/README for more info.

Next, you must have Google Storage buckets to pass with the --staging_location and --temp_location options. The name is not important, but for example you could use gs://my-dataflow-job/staging. Create these if you don't have them already.

Finally, run the command below to test your workflow. Note: Job names should match the regular expression [a-z]([-a-z0-9]{0,38}[a-z0-9]).

python <path-to-dataflow-job> --job_name <pick-a-job-name> \
--project <project> --runner DataflowRunner \
--setup_file <infra-checkout-path>/packages/dataflow/setup.py \
--staging_location <staging bucket> \
--temp_location <temp bucket> --save_main_session

Navigate to the Dataflow console in your browser and you should see your job running. Wait until it succeeds.

Running the test will leave behind a directory, packages/dataflow/dataflow.egg-info, that you must manually clean up.

Updating the package

Jobs scheduled with the remote_execute_dataflow_workflow recipe use the version of the job at HEAD but the version of the package pinned in bootstrap/deps.pyl. So, if you make a breaking change to the package, submit the update first (which will automatically be picked up by the package mirror), then submit the change to the job along with the ref update in deps.pyl together in one commit. Be sure to follow the instructions in bootstrap/README.md to build and upload the new wheel before submitting the change to deps.pyl.