[packages/dataflow] remove refs to table

We'd like to deprecate chrome-infra-events. This CL removes the generic
referenes. References in the cq_attempts job still exist.

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Workflow Testing

To test that your pipeline will run remotely, you can use the command below.

You must first create Google Storage buckets to pass with the --staging_location and --temp_location options. The name is not important, but for example you could use gs://my-dataflow-job/staging.

python <path-to-dataflow-job> --job_name <pick-a-job-name> \
--project <project> --runner DataflowRunner \
--setup_file <infra-checkout-path>/packages/dataflow/setup.py \
--staging_location <staging bucket> \
--temp_location <temp bucket> --save_main_session

Job names should match the regular expression [a-z]([-a-z0-9]{0,38}[a-z0-9]). Navigate to the Dataflow console for your project in your browser and you should see your job running. Wait until it succeeds.