[tsmon] Add OWNERS for gae_ts_mon and infra_libs/ts_mon.

chrome-ops-sre@ has taken the ownership of tsmon library since 2019 Q3, and,
ddoman@ and junyer@ are adding new features to the library for
go/ts-mon-custom-schema. Also, the team is planning to add more features
to ts-mon library in the following terms.

This CL is to allow ddoman@ and junyer@ to submit CLs without having to ask for
an approval from other Chrome Ops engineers, because they are planning to
continue adding features and maintaining the library.

However, it will be continued to send a review request for important ts-mon
changes to other Chrome Ops engineers, including foundation folks, as tsmon
code changes can possibly cause issues to many of Chrome Ops services.

R: vadimsh,nodir,tandrii,junyer,dtucker
Bug: 941798
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