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Packages in this directory are installed / copied from other
repositories. When vendoring a package to be compatible with
infra.git, please use glyco tool:
For example, installing google-api-python-client:
Look up the revision used in
At the time of writing, it's d83246e69b22f084d1ae92da5897572a4a4eb03d.
cd <scratch dir>
git clone
cd google-api-python-client
git checkout d83246e69b22f084d1ae92da5897572a4a4eb03d
glyco pack . -o <wheelhouse dir>
cd <luci-py checkout>/client/third_party
glyco install -i . <wheelhouse dir>/google_api_python_client-1.4.2-*
# Local modification - document it in README.swarming
rm -rf apiclient