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  5. color.html
  7. default-theme.html
  8. demo-pages.html
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  11. paper-styles-classes.html
  12. paper-styles.html
  14. shadow.html
  15. typography.html

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The <paper-styles> component provides simple ways to use Material Design CSS styles in your application. The following imports are available:

  1. color.html: a complete list of the colors defined in the Material Design palette

  2. default-theme.html: text, background and accent colors that match the default Material Design theme

  3. shadow.html: Material Design elevation and shadow styles

  4. typography.html: Material Design font styles and sizes

  5. demo-pages.html: generic styles used in the PolymerElements demo pages

We recommend importing each of these individual files, and using the style mixins available in each ones, rather than the aggregated paper-styles.html as a whole.